Stunt Granny Audio 934 – WrestleMani build, Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Gunther, WWE Spoil of Riches, AEW Problems

This week “Stunt Granny Audio” is brought to you by Chris and Jeremy. They discuss the talent issues in AEW and the surprising downturn in interest and television attendance. They spend a lot of time on the build for WrestleMania. Did the right guy win the Intercontinental gauntlet? What do you do with Chad Gable now? Can Jey and Jimmy Uso break the spell of average sibling rivalry matches? Cody has to win right? Is CM Punk a wild card in the Drew McIntyre versus Seth Rollins match? Where the hell is Sheamus? There’s a lot more and all you have to do is listen. So get to it already. Please.

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