Stunt Granny Audio 939 – More AEW Problems, The Young Bucks and Trick vs Melo

With Jeremy & Kevin behind the microphones, they started by talking about the AEW Merch stand making it’s rounds on Reddit. Even if it wasn’t the only stand in Quebec City, it was pathetic. When they got to wrestling, Jeremy & Kevin were less than complimentary of Katsuyori Shibata vs Will Ospreay. Your hosts explained why all of the matches on this night felt predictable, not in a good way. Because Mercedes Mone was on commentary, Jeremy & Kevin talk about her monotone delivery. As usual, your hosts moved on to NXT with a shower of compliments. Because Joe Gacy threw a chair off of a roof, your hosts talk about how well NXT is telling stories. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin talked about how Carmelo Hayes vs Trick Williams deserves the main event of Stand & Deliver.

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