Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #40


Oh yeah, We Watch Stuff is back after a week of weddings and recovery? What was Shahid doing at The University of Missouri in our off week? What keeps Jeremy from throwing beer cans at people? Why isn’t Jeremy on board with Supergirl just yet?  Is Ash vs Evil Dead a perfect movie to television conversion? Why is such a terrible person so great person to watch in the role of a hero? How much does Laurel Lance suck on Arrow?  If you had to choose would you go with Sara or Laurel? Yes there is a correct answer. Who gushes over the casting of Firestorm being perfect? What happened to Friday and Saturday night television programming? When did networks give up on these nights? Who is struggling to let go of his nerd side and enjoy the shows? All of these questions get answered plus a whole lot more so give it a download.

We Watch Stuff #40

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