Stunt Granny Audio 562 – The WWE Is Essential

Chris & Kevin decided to record during the day because both of them have a lot of free time on their hands currently. They may not be essential but the employees of the WWE are now considered “Essential” according to the state of Florida. Was it the WWE that pushed this to happen or the state? Or was it other entities like Major League Baseball? Why is the WWE choosing to tape live when Wrestlemania spoilers didn’t get out? Would it help to cut down on possible contamination if they taped a series of shows at one time? Why did the WWE feel the need to fly in 70 year old Jerry Lawler? What do the guys think about the WWE forming their version of Los Ignoberables with Austin Theory, Angel Garza and Andrade? Why did they have the presumptive leader lose to Drew McIntyre the same night the faction was formed? Why didn’t they save him for first feud with McIntyre instead of Seth Rollins? Is it a bummer that the WWE is having Kairi Sane be the lesser tag team partner with Asuka? Are both still awesome? Did the guys finally find out whether the WWE was going to push the team of Ricochet & Cedric Alexander? What else did the guys talk about? Click the link below to find out.

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