Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 161 – QAnon Nonsense, Smart Toilets and Iron Rain

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny LTD

Ken & Kevin were able to hook up on Zoom and not get Zoombombed. They got back more to the “classic” style of show by talking ridiculous topics like QAnon and their belief systems. Why do people believe that they are above the law just by saying a few words? Does that give you the right to kidnap children? Does it give you the right to release patients medical records? When does reality eventually hit these people in the face? We could live in a reality where our buttholes are scanned while we’re on our home toilets by four cameras. Do either of your hosts want to install this device in their houses? Are they ready to reap the benefits of the analysis? Ken & Kevin go into outer space for their last topic about iron rain on the planet WASP-76b. How is that possible? Is it possible for life as we know it to even live on this planet? What would insurance cost on a house if it rained iron? The guys close the door talking about their respective Bell Time Beers. Enjoy.

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