Stunt Granny Audio 872 – Judgement Day, Drew McIntyre and AAA

Because Chris is on a business trip, Jeremy & Kevin took the reigns for the early week podcast. Your hosts wondered when the Judgement Day became a good faction. Since the Bloodline is breaking up, they talk about Judgement Day supplanting them for top faction in the WWE. Since Damien Priest is Senor Money In The Bank, Jeremy & Kevin talk about all four members possibly having a championship at the end of Summerslam. With Drew McIntyre taking on Gunther, your hosts discuss whether the Scottish Psychopath should end Gunther’s Intercontinental reign. Since Logan Paul‘s video got posted, Jeremy & Kevin talk about this interesting stage for Paul in his WWE career. To close the show, your hosts talk about AAA Lucha Libre being a real alternative to AEW & WWE.

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