Stunt Granny Audio 873 – The Von Erichs, Great American Bash and Summerslam

With Shahid co-hosting with Kevin, you’re in for a long podcast. They start by discussing the release of pictures from the new Von Erichs movie. Since Shahid is going to The Great American Bash, they talk about the story lines going into it. Because the card has women in three matches, your hosts discuss how well the women of NXT are booked. Since Gable Steveson is making his in ring debut, Kevin & Shahid discuss how a rebooted Baron Corbin is taking this loss. To close out NXT talk, your hosts talk about Carmelo Hayes taking on Ilja Dragunov. Kevin & Shahid move up to the main roster to discuss the story lines headed into Summerslam. In contrast to NXT, they talk about how poorly the two women’s matches are booked. To close the show, Kevin & Shahid discuss how they are enjoying so many results being able to go either way.

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