Please Let Us Say GoodBye

That's right bitches.

That's right bitches.

Can WWE please do us a favor and get rid of The Great Khali?

After Summerslam, what is left for the Punjabi Nightmare? He has already feuded with Triple H, Undertaker, Batista, John Cena, Kane and even Finlay. There is nowhere to go with him at this point. He has no logical feuds or issues with anyone else on the Smackdown roster.

They moved him off of Raw due to the same issue. They could always drag out another match with Triple H but it is a repeat at this point. Their first match was not very good and even put me in to some sort of weird coma that prevented me from enjoying the rest of Summerslam.

This isn’t a slam at Khali and his abilities even if they are limited. He was brought in based on his size and they have gotten as much from him and possibly even more.

His status as the most popular figure in India may interfere with this idea and thus cause him to stay on WWE’s payroll for a while longer. If this is the case, what can he possibly do? Smackdown does not have another wrestler with size that can form a logical feud. They could always bust out Umaga but with his injury and the fact he was wrapped in a Big Show feud keeps this from coming to fruition.

This leaves only two logical ideas for The Astonishing Khali. They can feud him with Triple H until Survivor Series, they move him to another brand again, or they cut him. Out of those possibilities only one makes sense for WWE and it isn’t moving brands.

The loss of The Great Khali will be forgotten quickly. It never seemed like WWE fans really got behind the fact that this guy was a legit giant. His promos never gave off a terrifying vibe. He was seen more as a big goof that mumbled in his native language. Adding the equally goofy and charismatically void Ranjin Singh by his side did nothing.

Sure TNA could and probably would jump at the chance to sign him but if you are in WWE’s this should not affect this decision. He wouldn’t fit in TNA at all unless they bring him in as a feud for Matt Morgan, which actually makes sense. They could put Morgan over strong buy having him dominate Khali.

But this isn’t about TNA. This is about WWE and their lack of options for The Astonishing Khali. WWE, by their own fault, have burned this character out. There is nowhere to go now and they are stuck. The only way to deal with this is to keep Khali off of television for months as they absorb the payroll. The other side of this is to just release him and be done. If they feel they have something new for him then they can bring him back as his options in the industry will be limited.

Khali doesn’t have either the staying power or the drawing power to be kept on as an attraction. Regardless of WWE’s decision Khali cannot remain in the same role. At this time though, it is hard to justify keeping him around.

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