Pro Wrestling Ohio – Wrestlelution Recap Part I

The recap shows of Wrestlelution were supposed to air the last two Sundays, the 24th and 31st of August.  I taped both shows but the later of the two shows was substituted for an older rerun.  The first showing was set to tape on my DVR but I couldn’t have predicted the Cleveland Indians game was going to go to extra innings and thus screw up the timing of all shows after it.  Because of these problems, this review ends abruptly.

Joe Dombrowski, the play by play announcer, starts off the show and said that three matches from Wrestlelution will be broadcast and stated that the DVDs should be bought for exclusive footage on them.  He then threw it to the women’s match.

Hailey Hatred was introduced first and had accepted Ashley Lane’s open challenge.  Jamie Scott, the color commentator, and Dombrowski talked up Hatred’s experience in the US and mainly Japan.  Hailey cut a short promo in the ring telling Lane that she’s never faced anyone like her.  Lane came out with her shoulder wrapped and introduced her replacement, Nivea.  Nivea jumped Hatred from behind.  Dombrowski noted that Ashley Lane was slated for surgery in a week.  Ashley tripped up Hatred with her good shoulder and gave her several clubing blows when Hatred was tossed to the outside of the ring and Nivea had the referee distracted.  Nivea had the offense for the first several minutes.  Hatred finally got in some offense.  She then whipped Nivea into a corner.  Nivea leapfrogged her as Hatred came charging and went for a sunset flip.  Hatred grabbed the ropes to stop it but the referee went down for the pin count for nio reason which allowed Ashley Lane to jump up on the ring apron and kick Hatred in the gut.  Nivea flipped Hatred over for the three count.

Analysis: It was a solid match but had very little to do with the PWO with the absence of Lane in the match.  Her injury was legitimate so I can understand the bind they were in.  The referee not seeing the blatant interference causing the pin was the worst part of the match.

Dombrowski hyped the Three Way Ladder Match for the main event of the show.  He then sent it to the second match up of the night.  Benjamin Boone was set to take on King Kong Bundy.  Mike Tolar made an impromptu walk to the ring during which the announcers mentioned that he had lost earlier in the evening to Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.  Tolar wanted to team up with Boone to take on Bundy.  After not coming to an agreement, Bundy made his way to the ring witha  soft cast on his right foot.  Bundy did a lot of trash talking to the crowd.  He then called both Tolar and Benjamin punks and mentioned that he couldn’t remember their names.  Tolar tried to further convince Boone to attack Bundy but Boone assaulted Tolar instead and won an unscheduled match with the patented Bundy five count.  Boone and Bundy went to the back cleebrating the win.

Analysis: This match made no sense whatsoever.  Bundy had been scheduled to play the face so him yelling at the crowd was pointless.  Why anyone would book someone who doesn’t “remember” their wrestler’s names is beyond me also.  To top it off, Bundy ends up celebrating with Boone not more than thirty seconds after calling him a punk.  Nothing was good about this segment.

Dombrowski sent the next segment to the finish of the Ladder Match between V Squared, Virus and Virus Grande, and Pirate Justice, “Bloody” Morty Rackem & Matthew Justice.  After the video package, Domborwski recounted how the Three Way Ladder Match came to be on the Wrestlelution card.  He said that the new season for the PWO will start October the 19th.

A contract was hung above the ring to represent the Tag Team Titles that were to be awarded to the winners of the match.  V Squared were introduced first.  Irish Nothing, Jake Crist & Vincent Nothing, were introduced second.  Pirate Justice came out last.  V Squared and Pirate Justice paired off while Irish Nothing waited for a good oppurtunity to attack.  Pirate Justice cleared the ring and each grabbed a ladder.  Justice tried to grab the contract but was tipped off the ladder and crotched onto the top rope by V Squared.  Virus got a beat down in one corner by Irish Nothing and then double hip tossed across the ring and onto a ladder propped up in the corner.  The ladder bent so it looked like a brutal bump.  Vincent Nothing then gave Morty Rackem an Alabama Slam on a different ladder which bent even more.   At this point, the DVR stopped because the Indians game went late.

Analysis: The match was shaping up well.  The number of cameras used are fewer than TNA or the WWE so the overall action was hard to follow but having a third team involved allowed the competitors to take breaks and fewer risky bumps.  If you didn’t follow my link earlier, you probably don’t know the result of the match.  Irish Nothing ended up winning the match after I scoured their site.  It was a good choice since you can have the face team of Pirate Justice chasing them for the titles when the programming comes back on in the middle of October.  One last note, even though the names are cheesy and very predictable, I like the idea of naming teams instead of just calling out two guys names and making them a tag team.

Until the next edition of highlights from Wrestlelution, I bid you good local wrestling.  If you have any complaints about my coverage, email me at


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