Gabe Sapolsky Speaks

This is some interesting shit.

This is some interesting shit.

Over at there is a link to a article with a statement from Gabe Sapolsky about his removal as booker of ROH. Now don’t get your hopes up. The quote sucks and isn’t really worth mentioning but since it is a slow news day, get it, it warrants a comment.

There really isn’t a side to my story. There was no fight or hard feelings. I understand Cary’s decision. I love ROH and hopefully everyone will give the new direction a chance.

This just goes to show that Gabe has no clue how to survive in the wrestling business. Rule #1 when leaving or being fired, always bad mouth the former employer. This way it guarantees you get rehired down the road or better yet some yutz promoter brings you in for an astronomical asking price. Use this situation to your advantage. Take some shots and watch the real cash roll in. -Jeremy

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