Pro Wrestling Ohio – Wrestlelution Recap

I decided I’d resume coverage of Pro Wrestling Ohio after some emails and some comments.  First I’ll do a round up of coverage from Wrestlelution.  I watched all of the event on the replays on Sports Time Ohio.  If you didn’t catch my more comprehensive coverage of the first part of this show go here and here.  Since I’m only going off my memory, I’m just going to put down what I remember mainly in an analysis mode.  If you’re someone who doesn’t have satellite or doesn’t live in Ohio to follow this coverage, I’m going to be nice enough to put a read more button in here.

I don’t remember the promos very much so let’s get that piece of information out of the way.  On to the match analysis.  The first match aired after the above linked shows was a Survivor Series style.  Team Hobo Joe consisted of Hobo Joe, Bobby Beverly, Jon Kronica and Charles “White Sox” Johnson.  They were opposed by Team Clash led by Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender, N8 Mattson and Shane Taylor.  the match was fine from what I recall but the decision to put over Hobo Joe and Bobby Beverly is a head scratcher.  “The Clash” desperately needed a win since they are jobbers and the PWO doesn’t have a lengthy list of tag teams to battle Jake Crist & Vincent Nothing.  If Hobo Joe and Beverly stay together as a tag team, that would give them two face teams and two heel teams.  I’ll hope that happens.

The other match that aired on that broadcast was the match to find the most dominant man in the PWO, Jason Baneversus Cronus with his agent Aaron Maguire.  They aired the hype leading up to the match prior to actually showing the match which was a good idea to stretch out Wrestlelution on TV and give possible new viewers a chance to catch up on what they missed.  The match had the added stipulation of Bane  forking money over to Cronus and Maguire if he lost and if Bane won, he got five minutes alone with the mouthpiece, Aaron Maguire.  I was disappointed with this match because it pitted two gentleman who are pretty good in the ring and it only lasted nine minutes.  They easily could have gone longer.  Anyone who is dominant should be able to take more of a beating than what Cronus took during the match.  Maguire tried to weasel out of the beating by bringing new henchmen to the ring but they were fought off and eventually the loud mouth got his comeuppance.

On the next show, they aired Jimmy DeMarcoagainst Marion Fontaine in a “Kiss My Butt” match.  If you’d like to see Jimmy DeMarco’s promo, go here.  The match was OK but I have noted before and it bears mentioning again that I have a hard time taking the “Megastar” Marion Fontaine seriously because of how skinny and gangly he is.  He ended up winning the match which was the right call since DeMarco had gone over on him numerous times on TV.  It would have been bad enough had Fontaine shown his skinny ass but instead recruited a fat Samoan guy (his name will come up in future reviews) to take his place.  It’s supposed to be funny, but I wasn’t entertained.

The feature match up on this broadcast was the “Last Man Standing” match between Johnny Gargano and Gregory Iron.  They had a similar video package of feud highlights before this match which served the same purposes I noted above.  This match was a good and bloody brawl.  Gargano won the match which was the right choice considering that he is billed as a top tier heel while Iron is portrayed as more of an up and comer.

The next episode that aired first showed the match between Greg “The Hammer” Valentineand “Superstar” Mike Tolar.  Valentine is really showing the years just froma  looks stand point and from how he performs in the ring.  I can’t believe they couldn’t talk him into doing the job for Tolar though.  Tolar was in WWE Developmental and is one of the few guys who could step up as a main event opponent down the line so having him lose on their big stage is a bad idea.  Hopefully they start rebuilding him during the new season.

PWO saved the biggest match for last, the PWO Heavyweight Title match between “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross and Josh Prohibition.  This match was the best of the lot which isn’t too surprising considering that both of them are veterans on the Indy circuit and they used to wrestle together in a tag team.  The feud was put in the video package before the match itself.  The build up was hampered in the PWO by legitimate injuries sustained by Cross but Joe Dombrowski and Jamie Scott, the announcers, did a good job of building the feud up without Cross being around.  Cross was an alternate for the US Olympic team so he has a very aerial style which matches up well with Prohibition who stays more grounded but is smooth and very good at adapting to other styles in the ring.  Prohibition can do enough in the air too.  The match was shorter than I would have liked but it delivered and the following ceremony for the crowning of the first PWO Heavyweight Title was well done.

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