The Art of Wrestling – TNA Marketing Sucks

I’ve already noted that TNA is not selling Big Poppa Pump’s new t-shirt last week.  While watching iMPACT! again this past week, Steiner wore the same shirt to the ring so I had to check ShopTNA to see if they were selling it yet.  Of course they aren’t.  Check here, here and here.  Why is it hard to sell a t-shirt that you are producing?  Steiner is part of the Main Event Mafia and should be moving merchandise. 

On an upside, this search did provide an amusing picture of James Storm in a Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure t-shirt.  I understand that men can support this cause, but if you’re creating a t-shirt for a disease that only affects women, why are you having a male model wear the t-shirt?  I don’t know that many guys that will go out of their way to wear a pink shirt even for a good cause.  Many sports support the cause by using pink gloves, bats or sticks.  TNA should have used one of their lovely Knockouts to model this shirt.  TNA is terrible at marketing.

Henrik Lundqvist of the NY Rangers with his pink goalie stick.  Thanks to for the picture.

Henrik Lundqvist supports a Race for a Cure with his pink goalie stick. Thanks to for the picture.

 On the other hand, the WWE markets the hell out of any season or holiday.  You can “Gooble Up” savings right now or you can get ready for Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate in December with these Holiday items.  I’d also like to note that after posting an update on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the 30th of October and after only one appearance at a pay per view, his shirts are still #9 and #10 on the top sellers list.

I'd rather her show up to pimp my ride than Xhibit.  Thanks to for the picture.

I'd much rather have her show up to pimp my ride than Xhibit. Thanks to for the picture.

The WWE is even smart enough to let their wrestlers market themselves.  On the WWE Universe (pointed out to me by the hard working Jason Powell in this story), Victoria is directing people to Black Widow Customs, in Louisville, KY.  The site doesn’t allow me to link to any of the cars that were pimped, so go and check some of them out along with some lovely photos of Lisa Marie Varon.  You can also go here to and get more information on her operation which titled one of its’ paragraphs “Marketing the key”.  It’d only be a three and a half hour drive TAOW homebase, so maybe when I get some free time, I’ll travel down there for a special on site report. – Kevin

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