PWO – Season 2 – Episode 2

Eric Ryan came to the ring accompanied by Cory Winters.  Ryan was making his debut in the PWO (scroll down on the page and you can watch this match along with the next match.  The airing date was 11/3/08.) along with his opponent “Omega” Aaron Draven.  Ryan looked a bit like a young CM Punk with long shorts and partially tattooed arms.  The match started slowly with Ryan controlling the action.  Draven ducked out of the ring to avoid a charging Ryan.  Draven then locked up Ryan’s arm, walked the top rope and hit a huracanrana which tossed Ryan to the floor.  Draven tried to hit Ryan on the floor but got caught in a sit down power bomb.  Ryan controlled the match at a slow pace and kept Draven grounded.  Winters interferred when Ryan would distract the referee.  Ryan hit a good looking Northern Lights Bomb.  Draven turned the tables when Ryan tried to hit a package piledriver by kicking him in the head.  Draven took Ryan off the top rope 180 degree press for the win.

Analysis: Both wrestlers were better technicians than most of the roster.  They also appear to go to the gym which is a plus.  The match itself was good with Draven being very impressive with his aerial arsenal that was smooth.

Cory Winters and Noj the Wild Samoan squared off against each other in the next match.  Both were also making their PWO debuts.  Jamie Scott repeatedly mentioned not wanting to see Noj wrestle.  Noj was accompanied by “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine.  Noj kept overpowering Winters because of the size difference.  Winters got control after cheating behind the referees back.  Noj hit a Samoan Drop and a moonsault of the top rope for the win.

Analysis: The fat guy, Noj, learning how to do a moonsault doesn’t negate his lack of will power to either hit a gym or eat less and it has ceased impressing me.  They billed him as being from Fiji but call him a “Wild Samoan”.  Attention PWO, they’re two different countries even if they’re both islands in the south Pacific.  Winters didn’t get enough offense in to give him a grade.  Joe Domborowski did announce during the match that Greg “The Hammer” Valentine would be making a special guest appearance at a PWO house show in Erie, PA.

Michael Cash interviewed “The Clash”, Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender, in Cash’s Corner.  They plan on taking on Irish Nothing.  They said they will rise from the ashes of a bad first season.  Analysis: They had team shirts on which was good.  They need to rise from the ashes to erase being the jobbers of the tag division last year.

Josh Prohibition wrestled Bobby Beverly.  Prohibition grabbed the ring mic and said he was mad at being left out of the title picture.  He then proceeded to berate Beverly and the crowd.  Beverly got in some early licks.  Prohibition took over hitting nice regular and underhook suplexes.  Beverly hit a gut buster and then a facebuster to finally show some life again.  Prohibition quickly turned it around with a Drunken Driver, a doublke underhook driver, for the win.

Anaylsis: Prohibition dominated most of the match and showed a mean streak which is exactly what he needs to help keep himself as one of the top of the heels in the PWO.

Mike Tolar took on Gregory Iron in the main event.  Iron got in a couple of early moves.  The announcers mentioned the main event next week would be “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross’ first title defense against Jason Bane.  Tolar dominated with mat wrestling holds.  Iron turned the match around with a jaw jacker from a sleeper hold.  He hit some shoulder block and a Scorpion Death Drop.  Tolar executed an Angle Slam for the apparent win but pulled Iron up after the two count.  Iron gave Tolar a small package for the surprise three count.

Analysis: Gregory Iron started off the second season the way he did the first season, a win over an opponent who should have beaten him but got cocky and left his eye off of the prize.  I just hope the PWO don’t recycle a whole years worth of storylines for him.

Overall Show: The expanded roster has helped to add a little more intrigue to this season and allow people to take a week off without being forgotten.  I’ll be interested to see how it develops.  Ever since vowing to catch up on my viewing, I’ve fallen behind another two episodes. – Kevin

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