Victoria Retiring?!?!?!?

You're never gonna see it.

You're never gonna see it.

According to a report at, my boo, Victoria, is contemplating retirement. This is horrible news as Victoria has been grossly misused for the last few years in WWE and let’s be honest; they never allowed her to get naked for Playboy.  What did you expect from this? I have constantly sung the praises of Victoria’s work going back years as well as pleading for a nude pictorial.  If we cannot get a not totally nude shots would it be so much to see some full on nipples?

As far as her in ring career goes, she had some great feuds with Trish and Molly Holly and provided plenty of memorable moments. She held the womens championship multiple times and was also the first “ho” to hold the WWE Hardcore title. Recently, she has mostly been used as enhancement talent and the divas she worked with had plenty of opportunity to learn from a real pro.

You have to wonder if her decision has anything to do with the fact she is so criminally misused. Here they have a very good hang in the ring and someone they could have used as their top heel to feed in upcoming faces and help elevate em. Instead she shows up every once in a while and does a job. It is meant to get the newer divas over but it doesn’t and we are left with Michelle McCool as champion. If Victoria does indeed retire it would be nice to see WWE send her off properly but since she isn’t blonde and her name isn’t Trish Stratus, so we can all count that out.   -Jeremy

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  1. Fanatic 2008-12-09 at 11:47 pm #

    For me, her peak was being paired with Stevie Richards as the dominant crazy b*tch.

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