PWO – Season 2 – Episode 5

N8 Mattson was introduced and grabbed the mic from the ring announcer.  He played up being from Michigan and issued a challenge to anyone from Ohio.  Bobby Beverly accepted the challenge.  The match started slowly but picked up a little after some arm drags by Beverly.  Joe Dombrowski, the play by play man, mentioned that Beverly is the best student of the PWOWrestling School.  Mattson started to take over including a variety of typical heel short cuts.  Beverly got in a suplex after Mattson left his head down for a back drop.  Jamie Scott, the color commentator, mentioned that Beverly was making a number of rookie mistakes.  Mattson hit a Code Breaker but Beverly kicked out.  Mattson got cocky so Beverly caught him with a small package for the three count.  Mattson started to beat down Beverly when Benjamin Boone made the save.  After Mattson left ring side, Boone hit Beverly with a chair.  He then grabbed the mic and told Beverly that he had awakened “The Big Bear”.

Analysis:The sound from the announcers was terrible throughout the match.  The match itself was solid with Beverly showing a lot of improvement from last year.  Having Mattson do the job is a good idea since he doesn’t show up much but is a good worker.

The save and awakening of “The Big Bear” was a bit of a shocker since he had saved Beverly in previous weeks.  The PWO seemed to be hinting at a heel turn for Benjamin Boone at Wrestlelution but plans got derailed when he couldn’t wrestle an injured King Kong Bundy.

They cut to outside where Aaron Maguire and Hobo Joe were at their dumpster home.  Michael Cash interviewed them.  Joe gave him a tour by pointing out the various parts of their abode.  They made an addition to their dumpster that was some saw horses and a sheet or some used drywall.  Cash fled when they showed him their bathroom which was a jar full of urine.  Maguire closed the segment by trying to tell Cash that they wouldn’t look if he used it.

Analysis:It’s a step in the development of this angle.  It seems like they’re going for a rags to riches angle but it’s hard to tell right now.  Maguire’s line at the end was pitch perfect that had me laughing.

Pro Wrestling Rampage cosponsored this match that was filmed in Erie, PA.  Rocky Reynolds was in the ring when Greg “The Hammer” Valentine was introduced as his opponent.  Reynolds hammed up the basic moves that Valentine executed.  Reynolds went on the attack but got cocky which gave “The Hammer” the offense.  He hit a number of chops.  Reynolds got the upper hand after a low blow.  Reynolds tried to pin Valentine with his feet on the ropes for leverage but got caught.  He then argued with the referee and got caught with a big right hand by Valentine when he turned around.  “The Hammer” slapped on the figure four for the submission victory.

Analysis: Reynolds got in enough offense to look good against Valentine.  Reynolds could get better if he got smoother in the ring but he has a good physique.  Valentine looked uninterested, slow and old.

Michael Cash interviewed Jimmy DeMarco.  DeMarco said he took time off after Wrestlelution to get the stink off of him from being shoved in Noj’s ample cheeks.  DeMarco started making fun of Gregory Iron, his opponent for next week, for being a cripple.

Analysis:DeMarco has some charisma but the material he had to work with was pretty flimsy.  I’m for cross lines in comedy but they harped on his bells palsy last year with Gargano so a new topic would help.

Joe Dombrowski did a sit down interview with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.  Valentine mentioned that he got his start in Stu Hart’s dungeon.  Greg said it helped to be a second generation star but he wrestled under the name Johnny Fargo at first to avoid taking advantage of his name.  Valentine talked about teaming with Ric Flair for the first time after his father was paralyzed in the same flight that broke Flair’s back.  Valentine wrapped up by mentioning that eh learned a lot from Wahoo McDaniel.

Analysis: They hyped this segment throughout the show but I still don’t really get why they brought him in.  He’s not good enough to help teach the younger guys in the ring.  Their crowd, from sight alone, seems to be old enough to remember him at least.  Valentine will be chewing up more air time because this is only the first part of the sit down interview.  “The Hammer” mumbles which makes him hard to hear but the interview was informative who didn’t know about his early career.

Johnny Gargano came to the ring and milked an announcement which was that his doctor told him that Gargano would be paralyzed if he takes a fall in the ring.  Gargano invited Josh Prohibition to the ring and thanked him for being a good friend.  He then tried to apologize to Gregory Iron who just shook his head in disbelief and walked off.  Matt Cross came out last and Gargano sucked up to him and said he was a worthy champion.  Gargano then thanked the crowd and left the ring.

Analysis:What a weird segment.  I thought this was all a swerve when they mentioned it on the first show but it could be legitimate.  I figured he’d attack Cross when he least expected it and fake retiring from wrestling because of a fake neck injury would fit the bill.  Gargano was one of their better wrestlers even if his cheesemo promo style wasn’t my cup of tea so it’d be a shame if he is done. – Kevin

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