Chris Jericho punches mouthy bitch, MMA “fan”

According to Dave Meltzer (and the videos are on YouTube anyway, so according to shandylicious, and according to me telling you what happens on these videos), Chris Jericho was involved in an altercation following a WWE house show in Victoria, British Columbia, yesterday. The first video above shows Jericho loading his things into his rental vehicle while onlookers heckle him. No big deal, right?

Then in the gap of time between the first and second videos, things got weird. We rejoin the action in progress, with Jericho’s vehicle in the intersection down the street, Jericho standing outside of it next to its open driver’s side door, telling security to get people out of his way. Then some trashy bitch with black roots puts her hand on Jericho and shoves him a bit. He puts up with her mouth for about five seconds and starts to get back in his truck, at which point she shoves him harder, knocking his head into the top of his truck, so Jericho punches her in the face. Then some fag in a “One More Round” Affliction-looking shirt tries to interject himself, and as tends to happen with all retards wearing those shirts, the older, smarter, leather jacket-wearing Jericho throws him down to the ground. Twice. Jericho then begins to yell at the “security” guys to “do your fucking job and get these fucking dicks out of here!” and asks “where are the fucking cops around here?” Hey Chris, it’s your country, you should know the cops are busy detecting Americans by their strange scent (it’s called deodorant), but they’re riding over on their horses and should be there in about 30 minutes. One girl is overheard saying, “I didn’t know he was really an asshole.” He’s probably not, it’s that some fucking trash in a John Cena shirt and a 6-week-old dye job shoved him twice. I’m not trying to say she got what she deserved, but she obviously has a problem listening, and Dr. Spock and other behaviorists have taught us that punching retards is always the best answer. Oh yeah, and then Jericho shoves one of the huge (read: fat) security guys out of his way so he can get back in his truck and drive off.

I’m sure Jericho will have charges pressed against him, even though it wasn’t his fault. But there is no reason for WWE to reprimand him. Maybe leave him off TV this week when Ric Flair shows up. Oh gee, then we’d have to drag out what might be a masterful angle between two world-class pros for an extra week. Shame shame, Chris Jericho, maybe you should punch another fan, leave us wanting more. -Eric

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