The Art of Wrestling – The Front Line

A month after coming out with a Main Event Mafia t-shirt, TNA decided it was high time to finally come up with a design for  The Front Line.  Nice timing, you morons.  Unfortunately this tactic is nothing new from a company that had one of its’ biggest stars, Scott Steiner, come back from months on the shelf and never sold the new t-shirt design he was sporting.  Now that I have properly kicked that dead horse for the fifth time, let’s move on to the Front Line’s t-shirt.

Here is a better picture of the front which is basic black.  I cannot tell if there are smoke clouds on the shirt or if that’s just poor lighting or camera work.  The words Front (top) and Line (bottom) are silver that appear to be tarnished, evidently because of their grunt work because of being their namesake.  I’m not sure why the biohazard symbol was used as the centerpiece of the front because it has nothing to do with being part of a front line.  I would think that crossed rifles would do the trick and fit the gimmick better.  TNA did try to set it apart by making it tarnished red.  Boy, as if the original picture didn’t look bad enough, I figured the second picture would be of the back of the shirt but we unfortunately got some tattooed douchebag showing off the front of the shirt again.

I'm sure guns are "bad" so TNA instead went with something not remotely related to a real front line.

I'm sure guns are "bad" so TNA instead went with something not remotely related to a real front line.

On the back, we get a nauseating close up of the biohazard symbol and a logo.  Logo creep is everywhere so that is expected but I go back to having a problem with using something unrelated to a front line.  The shirt is simple and direct though so it’s a solid shirt.  The timing, though I made fun of it earlier, does coincide nicely with the Front Line being featured on the Against All Odds poster. – Kevin

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  1. Fanatic 2009-02-04 at 6:44 pm #

    I only buy merch that looks good on the Red Rooster.

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