WWE Raw moved from Denver to Los Angeles next week

Shoulda just watched from home, kid.

Shoulda just watched from home, kid.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, next week’s WWE Monday Night Raw has a new home: the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That’s funny, the L.A. Lakers are playing the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center in Denver, the arena WWE was unceremoniously kicked out of. Says the article:

The Staples Center actually called Vince McMahon and said that the building was available for the show and they would be more than happy to accommodate the WWE that night.

You saw in the post/link below (and in 30 years of business) how vindictive Vince McMahon is; let’s see what kind of shit storm Vince & Co. intend to lay on the Nuggets and Pepsi Center management when they’re in the home of WrestleMania 21 and your friendly neighborhood rapist/title whore Kobe Bryant. -Eric

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