SG Poll: Which n00b made the best debut on ECW?

Tonight’s ECW featured the debut of four new and undoubtedly, undeniably future SUPERSTARS (ugh) in Yoshi Tatsu, Abraham Washington (you know what I’m sayin’), Sheamus and Tyler Reks (dude, that’s how it was spelled in FCW, dude). The poll is simple: Which man made the best debut? Just base your vote on what he did, but feel free to leave comments discussing your opinions on each guy, his future potential, his upside and shortcomings, etc.

One Response to “SG Poll: Which n00b made the best debut on ECW?”

  1. Awesome Dude 2009-06-30 at 11:43 pm #

    Sheamus is the whitest wrestler ever to be in a WWE ring beside Kerwin White and Mordecai. I laughed at Shelton’s asianese act mocking Yoshitatsu. Maybe because I loved it when Chris Tucker did the same thing in the “Rush Hour” movies. Abraham should had kept his “president of sports entertainment” gimmick instead of being the second coming of the Coach. And Tyler Reks, a beach bum in 2009? Wow, that’s going get you over. Any bets on who gets release next from this batch of call ups. My money is on Reks.

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