RE-POST: Vote for best and worst of WWE Summerslam!

I hope Sting and Davey Boy Smith werent on that boat.

I hope Sting and Davey Boy Smith weren't on that boat.

(This is a re-post from last week.) We did this for WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble, and at Jordan’s all intelligent behest, we have decided to record a couple of audios dedicated to the best and the worst of WWE Summerslam! We STILL need your votes: Please comment on this post with your top five and bottom five Summerslams of all time. The criteria is up to you, but chances are if you have been a fan long enough to have an opinion, the criteria will come out in the wash across the board. Whether it was your favorite, had the best matches, or was boring or had the worst build-up or worst main event, whatever, just vote! Sometime on or about Aug. 12, we’ll compile your votes, add ours, and start recording shows!

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  1. jdb1982( Jeff Brown) 2009-08-13 at 5:04 pm #

    Alright top 5 Best in chronolawjeekal order:

    Summerslam 1988:Bulldogs vs Rougeaus, goddamn Powers of Pain vs Volkoff/Zuhkov, Warrior beating Honky in like 30 seconds, Demolition vs the Hart Foundation and Mega Powers vs Andre and the Million Dollar Man with Elizabeth skirt ending.

    Sumerslam 1989: Brainbusters and the Hart Foundation had good opener, Warrior vs Rude was one of Warriors best matches. Perfect beats Red Rooster (funny on so many levels), Demoliton and Duggan vs Andre and the Twin Towers nice and short. Fuck workrate! Hogan/Beefcake vs Savage/Zeus…..well it was a spectacle.

    Summerslam92: Dave Boy vs Bret Hart makes the show and Savage and Warrior have a good match.

    SummerSlam 2005: “you know who” beat OJ in 25 seconds for the US Title, Orton vs Undertaker was good, Cena vs Jericho (wasn’t this Jericho’s last PPV for a few years?) was decent and HBK vs Hogan was great on many levels.

    Summerslam 2008: MVP vs Jeff Hardy, Glamarrella running wild with Santion and Beth Phoenix getting the IC and Women’s Title against Kofi and Mickie James. Jericho punches HBK’s wife, CM Punk retains against JBL and Edge and The Undertaker have a pretty good Hell in Cell minus the “going to hell” ending.

  2. jdb1982( Jeff Brown) 2009-08-13 at 5:24 pm #

    Now the 5 worst,; shit there’s more than 5 but I just pick these:

    Summerslam 93: Steiners vs the Heavenly Bodies, Bret Hart vs fucking Doink, Ludwig Borga vs Marty Jannetty, I’m a huge Undertaker fan but Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales, and the ultra poopy main event Lex Luger winning via countout and Yokozuna. Luger celebrates like he won the title…Jesus.

    Summerslam 94: Adam Bomb vs Kwang, Tatanka vs Lex Luger (you sold out Lex), double J vs Mabel. Undertaker vs Underfaker. Again Undertaker is my favorite wrestler but fuck that sucked.

    Summerslam 98: Fuck Russo…A couple of good matches with a ton of shit as filler.

    Summerslam 99: see above

    Summerslam 2001: women’s match that sucked, Test/Dudley Boys vs Acolytes/Spike Dudley, Undertaker and Kane vs DDP and Chris Kanyon in steel cage tag title match, Kurt Angle vs Steve Austin ends in DQ and the main event is the Rock vs Booker T for the WCW Title

  3. Twist of Phate 2009-08-13 at 11:33 pm #

    Please review Summerslam 1993. That was the best and worst Summerslam of all time.

  4. Truth 2009-08-14 at 10:48 am #

    Best 5 Summerfests
    5. 1989: Arn & Tully vs Hart Foundation was awesome, Warrior vs Rude was realy good, Perfect vs TerryT was great and Martel & Rugeaus vs Rockers & Tito was entertaining as hell.

    4. 1992: Bulldog vs Bret was phenominal, Repo man always entertained me, Savage carried Warrior to a decent showing, Shawn vs Rude was great, and it featured nailz!

    3. 1997: Bret vs Taker was great, as was Austin vs Owen. Ass to that a realy good mankind vs Triple H and a decent Golodust vs Pillman and Bulldog vs Shamrock, and we have ourselves a damn good show.

    2. 2000: TLC. That’s enough right there. Add to that the main event, and Benoit vs Jericho and an entertaining pair of Eddie & Chyna vs Val and the lovely Trishtopher, and we have a winner of a show.

    1. 2002. No contest. The return of Shawn in a great street fight, a phenominal Brock vs Rock match, a great RVD vs Benoit, Unamericans vs Odd Couple, Edge vd Eddie, Flair vs Jericho, Kurt vs Rey. This thing was stacked. They had a great roster then.

  5. Truth 2009-08-14 at 11:08 am #

    Worst 5 now
    5. 1994: I got 2 words for ya; Leslie Nielson. This card sucked bad. Taker vs Faker, JJ vs King Mabel, Tatanka vs Luger… Wow. A decent Bret vs Owen match can’t save it.

    4. 1995: What an appropriate follow up to 1994’s show. HHH and Bob Holly can suck the noxious fume from my ass, Smoking Gunns Vs the Blus, Barry Horrowitz actually beating Candido, Bertha Faye, Taker vs Kama, Bret vs Issac yankem and a main event of Diesel vs King Mabel. Its amazing Vince managed worse. He did, however!

    3. 2005: Benoit vs Jordan may as well not have happened, Edge vs hardy was a massive let down, Rey vs Eddie with Dominicon a pole was a great match handicapped by a stupid stip, Angle vs Eugene was a joke, Orton vs Taker was slow, Cena vs Jericho was pretty poor, Batista vs JBL I wish I caould erase from my brain and Hogan vs Shawn had the wrong finish.

    2. 2007: Batista vs khali alone should make it a strong contender for top spot, add to that a boring HHH vs Booker, a messy womens match, a chavo match, kane vs Finlay, and yet another Cena vs Orton match. How about no.

    1. 1999:Double J vs D’Lo was bad, as was the Tag Team turmoil and the Al Snow vs Bossman (though they would have much much much worse), the women’s match barely got going before it ended, the stupid as hell mma weapons match, the idiotic “greenwich street fight”, the terrible Taker/Show vs Kane/Pac, and Mr Ass actually in a co main event. The main event was yet another triple threat with nowhere near enough time (about 16 minutes total) to accomplish much of anything. Russo at his worst (not involving midgets and trash cans).

  6. keith huston 2009-08-14 at 6:51 pm #

    I haven’t seen a few, and most of the pre-2000’s I saw on tape when I was six or seven, but what the hell
    1. 1992
    2. 1988
    3. 2006
    4. 1991
    5. 2008

    1. 1999
    2. 2007
    3. 1998
    4. 1995
    5. 1994

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