Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age Preview II


I almost feel like I’m shilling for this program at this juncture.  I’m gearing up for a boring two and half hour drive to Cleveland for Sunday’s Wrestlelution 2 at Nautica Pavilion. Here are the remainder of the previews and the order I think they’ll fall on the card.

Dumpster Match: Jason Bane & Hobo Joe versus Marshall & Mickey Gambino:

The Gambinos will be accompanied by their agent, Aaron Maguire, who is at the root of this feud. If you missed my interview with him (click here) his client, Cronus, from Wrestlelution lost to Jason Bane which cost him lots of money and sent him into poverty. He became friends with Hobo Joe but only until he had the means to get himself back on his feet which came in the form of a winning lottery ticket. Unlike Earl Hickey, Maguire didn’t find karma and became the same cocky agent he had been after paying off and then guiding the Gambinos. I’d imagine that Joe will be taking the brunt of the punishment because of his smaller size compared to the other contestants. I also think that Maguire will get physically involved even if he’s drug into the fray. Lots of weapons will be used so this one should be positioned well after the first one and enough before the main event to give the crowd a breather. Seeing as though Bane & Joe got chucked in a dumpster on the last show…Winner: Jason Bane & Hobo Joe.

Mike Tolar vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross:

This match is being billed as the amateur wrestler (Tolar) against the gymnast (Cross). Cross can definitely go and Tolar was in WWE developmental so he must be solid at least but he hasn’t been able to shine in the two seasons of PWO. This match will be his time to come through and keep himself in the PWO Heavyweight Title picture. They had an even steven fight to the back at the end of the last episode so no finish was tipped, but if PWO management wants to keep Tolar around, I think he needs to the win. Cross can recover quickly and still be a top star since he’s already held the PWO Heavyweight Title. Winner: Mike Tolar

PWO Tag Team Title Rematch: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart (C) versus The Clash, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz:

This match may be the one I am least looking forward to but it should be an improvement over their last match that was wrestled in near darkness. Valentine didn’t do the job for Mike Tolar at last year’s Wrestlelution so I’m not getting my hopes up that he will do so with “The Anvil”. The Clash are a solid team but have been positioned poorly through out their run in Pro Wrestling Ohio and having a number of tag teams go down with injuries this year didn’t help them out. They did get a nice looking victory over EJ Georgio & Ben Fruth after their initial loss to Valentine & Neidhart. I’m not sure they’re capable of carrying the old men to a good match which is why I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll hope that the veterans do the right thing. Winner: The Clash

PWO Heavyweight Title Match – Josh Prohibition (C) versus Johnny Gargano:

Mentor (Prohibition) going against his protege (Gargano) is the main theme of this match. Unfortunately, the PWO Title has been mentioned but it has mainly been put on the back burner. That problem is one of two chinks in the armor of this feud. The splitting of these two friends has been in the works since Gargano’s recovery from a legitimate back injury. The slow build has been great but the injury may have limited Gargano’s time as a face prior to the event which is my other minor complaint which is understandable given the circumstances. These two match up well in the ring and are probably the two best wrestlers in the organization (Matt Cross makes the argument too) so the match quality should be high. I just hope that the “No Disqualification” stipulation doesn’t turn this into a garbage match. One should always send the crowd hope happy, unfortunately for Josh Prohibition that means his second straight loss at Wrestlelution. Winner: Johnny Gargano

I’ll be back with results sometime in the near future. If they show them on TV, I may wait to watch them before posting results. I’m not taking a lap top to the event and typing as it goes like some dorks we know. – Kevin

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