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If the WWE had a design department, this shirt wouldn't have gotten through it.

If the WWE had a design department, this shirt wouldn't have gotten through it.

Big, bad and still as bulky as ever Batista made a comeback recently from another injury. The WWE was ready with a new shirt and a DVD that will be released the 20th of October.

The shirt is black with white print. It just The words “The Animal” which are broken up for no apparent reason. Above and below the words are what basically amounts to tildas (~) that take their origin from Batista’s tattoos. The design department really took it easy. Considering that “The Animal” could entail any number of real or imaginary animals that could break up the letters with their paws, talons or whatever else would apply to give a reason for the pattern. I’ve also praised the use of peoples tattoos for shirts and other paraphernalia but the designers put no thought into which on of Batista’s tattoos to use that would make the design pop.

The back of the shirt suffers from the same problems. The WWE has just substituted “The Animal” with “Batista”. Below the tildas and lettering is Batista’s head up until his eyes, which are red for some again, no apparent reason. They have the room to put his whole head on there which would be fine since the half face is kind of a cool look.

The DVD cover is another display of sloth. Edge’s cover was equally boring yet just a simple grin made it show off Edge’s personality. Unfortunately for Batista, he doesn’t ooze charisma like Edge and can only show off his massive upper body. The least the WWE could do is highlight the tattoos that were used to inspire the shirt, which are on his left arm. I’m pretty sure he added ink on both arms while he was on the shelf so this picture was taken before his comeback.

The WWE took the easy route on the shirt and the DVD cover, much like Batista does in the ring expect when he’s wrestling the Undertaker. – Kevin

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