PWO – Season 3 – Episode 3

Corey Winters & Eric Ryan came to the ring first to take on Hobo Joe & Jason Bane. Aaron Maguire did a good job of pumping up the Winters & Ryan.  Bane started the match against Ryan. The much larger Bane took control but Ryan bailed to ring side for a breather then tagged in Winters. Bane continued to use his size and power advantage to dominate. Bane tagged in Hobo Joe who got in some offense including a rolling senton. Winters took over then started to tag in and out with Ryan working over Hobo Joe. Hobo Joe finally got the hot tag to Bane.  Bane hit a nice t-bone suplex and then belly to belly overhead suplex. Maguire left the announce booth to take a closer look at the action in the ring. He grabbed the ring mic and started bertaing Bane. Maguire said he was putting a $10,000 bounty on Bane’s head. Bane chased after Maguire to the backstage area. Corey Winters rolled up Hobo Joe while he was distracted and got the three count.

Analysis: Maguire had questioned the veracity of the tag to Bane at the end but it looked fine to me and the referee. That means Hobo Joe shouldn’t have taken the pin fall. The match was a good basic tag match with the smaller guy on the face team getting the beat down while his larger partner took charge when he was involved. Bane did look slimmer and more toned which Joe Dombrowski noted. If Maguire stays in the booth, I’m not a big fan of the bounty on Bane. I’ll let it play out for now though.

Matt Cross congratulated Johnny Gargano on his win over Josh Prohibition. Cross then asked for a rematch since he had beaten Gargano the last time they wrestled. Gargano accepted the challenge after he beat Tolar.

Analysis: Seeing as though the match against Tolar was on this episode, I would have preferred Gargano put a little more emphasis on his match with him. The segment made sense though and was well executed.

Portia Perez said she’s not sure what she needs to do to beat Hailey Hatred. Then she said she’s going to call a close friend to beat her.

Analysis: If you’re going to call a friend, then you do know what to do to beat Hatred. I’m not a fan of someone accepting defeat, especially a heel who needs to be cocky at all times.

Bobby Beverly came to the ring with Sex Appeal. He showed the camera the teeth that were knocked out by Gregory Iron  at Wrestlelution 2 that lessened his sex appeal. Iron was his opponent. Iron work over Beverly early with some punches and clotheslines. Beverly got back dropped over the ropes onto Nicky Valentino & Bobby Shields. Iron hit a plancha on Valentino & Shields. Beverly took over on the outside by twice throwing him into the guard rail. Beverly hit a nice looking Northern Lights suplex but only got a two count with a cocky cover.  A Fisherman’s suplex got another two count for Beverly.  Iron went for a huracanrana but Beverly caught him and turned it into a power bomb then a Boston Crab. Nice series of moves.  Iron reached the ropes to break the hold.  Iron hit a facebuster then a Stunner which was called a “Destabilizer”. The ref got distracted several times by the members of Sex Appeal. It allowed Beverly to hit a urinogi into a back breaker for the three count. Sex Appeal triple super kciekd him and then Beverly gave him a curb stomp.

Analysis: The match was great, the angle is great and it was all well executed. The face should have won and everyone wants to see the heels get their come uppance.

N8 Mattson  said he & Benjamin Boone were on a mission and on a roll since they beat Virus, Marion Fontaine and Michael Facade. Boone grabbed the microphone and said King Kong Bundy  he used to be the walking condominium but he’s the most animalistic wrestler in Pro Wrestling Ohio. Mattson siad it’s his personal mission to win the TV Title. He said the best wrestler on Ohio television will be somone from Michigan.

Analysis: I’m beating a dead horse but I’m not a big fan of the Michigan vs. Ohio theme to their promos. Michigan lost again in football so you don’t have a leg to stand on. Their missions are good though. Solid but unspectacular workon the mic by both. I was glad to see Boone get some of it since Mattson usually does all fo the talking.

Mike Tolar came to the ring with Ben Fruth. Tolar grabbed the mic and reintroduced himself with a myriad of compliments. Gargano came to the ring with solid crowd support. Dombrowski did a good job of filling in the short history of these two men since he was flying solo. Tolar took control early with amateur wrestling.  Gargano get in a bulldog and some arm drags in.  Tolar threw Gargano into the ring post with a fireman’s carry while they were outside the ring.  Tolar hit a side slam but only got a two count. Tolar kept hammering away at Gargano but could only get two counts.  Gargano caught Tolar with a spear as he came back into the ring but couldn’t capitalize.  Gargano hit a flying clotehsline to turn the tide.  Gargano got a near fall off a top rope cross body. Tolar hit an Angle slam but still only got a two count.  Gargano caught Tolar with a super kick but he only got a two count too.  Fruth crotched  Gargano on the top rope as the referee watched. Ugh. Tolar gave Gargano a pile driver but only got a two count.  Tolar tried to use Fruth in the ring but it backfired as Gargano made them collide. Johnny then put Tolar in a small package for the win.

Analysis: Gargano came to the ring wearing the belt around his neck and shoulder which I’m not a big fan of. It makes you look goofy and not serious about the title. The interference on Fruth’s part really should have causeda DQ but gives Tolar something to bitch about which is a positive.The match itself was really good though by two of the best workers in the company.

Final Analysis: Winters/Ryan vs. Bane/Joe +1, Cross/Gargano segment +1, Perez promo -1, Beverly vs. Iron +2, Mattson & Boone promo 0, Tolar vs. Gargano +1 – Total: 4/6. Very good week. The positive outweighed the negative. Maguire missing in the booth for the majority of the show was a bit of a problem but Joe Dombowski did a good job of going solo. They’re starting to mesh together better.

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