PWO – Season 3 – Episode 12

Will there be a handshake at the summit between Johnny Gargano and Gregory Iron?

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. A man whose head is cut off from the camera shot is Maguire’s body-guard to keep him safe from Jason Bane. His name is Mr. Brinks (Ugh).

“The Natural” Brian Bender is set to take on Isaac Montana with the Ambassador of Puerto Rico accompanying him to the ring side. His partner, Luis Diamante, is not around tonight.  Dombrowski notes they’re both ready to go at each other because it’s personal. (Shouldn’t you remind the viewers that the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew took out Earnie Ballz, Bender’s partner?)  Bender gets an upper hand with a thumb to the eyes. He assaults Montana then tosses him outside the ring. Dombrowski & Maguire finally note the personal issue after talking up the rest of the show. (Seemed a little ass backwards to me in the hype department.) Bender locked in a Boston Crab but Montana reached the ropes to break it.  Montana slips out from a powerslam attempt and shoves Bender into the corner then hits him with a big clothes line.  Montana gets a two count after a flying forearm.  Montana catches Bender with a cutter. Bender grabs the ropes to break the pin attempt. Bender hits an urinogi then flips out after he doesn’t get the three count.  Montana rolls up Bender as Bender acts dismayed in the ring.

Analysis: They keep hyping Bender frustration level so I hope they do something about it rather than just keeping him on a losing streak. They need to come up with a name for the “Ambassador”. I don’t think that’s asking too much. The match itself was a bit sloppy. Score: 0.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross said that he’ll be tagging with Jason Bane against N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone. He said the pinfall is important to him because he feels he’s being overlooked. Even with a broken finger, he’s looking for a win. When he wins, there will be no ducking him. After he scores the pinfall, he’ll ride the momentum into the PWO Title Shot Tournament.

Analysis: He’s riding a fine line here because he’s acting like a heel with his demands at a title shot and being overlooked (despite losing his recent matches) but he still said he won’t use a broken finger as an excuse. I liked the fire and was probably his best promo to date.  I’ll just hope he can ride the fine line. Score: +1.

Michael Facade talked about his CWE Title defense and his match against Johnny Gargano but the one that stood out in his mind the most was against Matthew Justice. Justice entered the shot and did some hand jive with Facade who told him that they’re cut from the same cloth. Justice said that Facade brought him to another level. They agree to have each other’s back in the fututre.

Analysis: A little too many dudes, bros and awkward pauses for me. Facade does have a unique delivery if he could keep focused. Justice still needs to work on his mic skills. The camera man needed to center Facade & Justice better or the director needed to get Justice to stand in the shot more if it was a hard camera. Score: -1.

Ben Fruth came to the ring to take on Bobby Beverly with Dawn Decadence in tow. Beverly took control early and posed for the crowd in between moves. Fruth got a two count from a “Fruth Roll Up”. Beverly knocked Fruth down with a hard clothesline. Beverly worked over Fruth with a variety of moves. Beverly pulled up Fruth from a pin attempt after hitting a Randy Orton like DDT. Beverly then hit his back breaker finisher for the win.

Analysis: The announcers noted the disparity in talent between the wrestlers. The match was what it should have been. Score: +1

After the match, Beverly grabbed the mic and said that Gregory Iron cost him the chance at PWO Heavyweight Title last week. Beverly vowed to end Iron’s life because of that and for knocking out his teeth at Wrestlelution 2. Iron snuck into the ring while Beverly talked. Iron clotheslined Beverly when he turned around. Iron then mounted him and started punching him. Beverly slipped out and fled from ringside.

Analysis: Solid speech although I’m not a fan of threatening death on an opponent especially since you know it’ll never happen. They have a history so the feud should have plenty of legs. Beverly claiming Iron cost him the match is classic heel tactic even though Iron didn’t touch him during the match. Score: +1

They showed a replay of Gregory Iron snubbing Johnny Gargano’s handshake.

Krimson talked about following wrestling when he was young. He said to kill your idol followed by saying no one is safe in the PWO.

Analysis: There’s lots of murdering going on in Pro Wrestling Ohio these days. Score: 0.

N8 Mattson said that Benjamin Boone has been on a roll since they teamed up. He then said Boone has helped to get him on a roll in the ring too. Mattson said that they may both be contenders for the PWO Heavyweight Title tournament. Mattson said they can prove they’re the most dominant people in PWO with a win next week against Jason Bane & Matt Cross.

Analysis: It was a fine enough promo with the usual heavy dose of Michigan talk. Score: +1.

“Omega” Aaron Draven came to the ring to take on N8 Mattson accompanied by Benjamin Boone. The announcers noted that this match was a rematch for the TV Title. Dombrowski said that Gregory Iron & Johnny Gargano will have a meeting after this match. Mattson bailed to ringside after a shoulder block knock down and pin fall attempt.  The crowd chanted “Detroit sucks” so no matter what I think, Mattson is doing his job. Draven had a head lock take over. He went to the ropes when Boone grabbed his leg. The referee tossed Boone from ring side.  Mattson took control of the match. After a rest hold, Mattson hit a high knee on Draven.  Draven chopped Mattson a couple of times. Mattson slammed Draven face first in to the mat.  Draven hit three kicks then a 619.  Draven enziguried Mattson in the corner but only got a long two count. Mattson hit the “Blue Buster” (better known as the Code Breaker) for the win.

Analysis: Good match with both guys working their asses off. Score: +1

Gregory Iron was sitting down for “The Summit” at a folding table when Johnny Gargano arrived. Iron asked what Gargano wanted. Gargano said Iron knows what he wants. Gargano said that he appreciated the help against Sex Appeal. He didn’t appreciate Iron turning away from his handshake. Iron said he wasn’t trying to help Gargano. He did what he did because he has an issue with Sex Appeal. Iron said he’s not going to forget everything that happened between them. Gargano complimented him on his perseverance. Gargano said he almost took him out because he was afraid of him and he regrets it every day of his life. Gargano said that he’d do what Iron wants to make up for his past transgressions. Iron said the only way to make it up to him is to give him a shot at the PWO Heavyweight Title. Gargano freaked out. Iron said that he hasn’t changed a bit. Gargano said if that’s the only way to make it up to him, he’ll put the belt on the line. Gargano offered Iron his hand again and Iron said that “Actions speak louder than words.”

Analysis: Gargano needed to look Iron in the eye more at the beginning and his reactions can be too cartoony as when he freaked out about defending the title against Iron.  It was strange to see Iron be a hard ass about the make up but I like it. Great points of argument from both sides. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/9. Final Analysis: Good to end on a meaty talking segment unlike last week’s throw away segment at the end. Considering that Gargano has more than enough contenders, Michael Facade & Matthew Justice could help bolster the tag team division if they’re not going to push either of them as singles wrestlers. I’m starting to tire of the Krimson promos especially since PWO has plenty of air time and could feed him some other lower level guys. It would have been nice to hear from Jason Bane since he was the only one in the tag match next week but they can fit it into the next episode.

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