PWO – Season 3 – Episode 13

Somebody is feeling double crossed in Pro Wrestling Ohio.

Bobby Shields came to the ring with Dawn Decadence to take on Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Aaron Maguire said that there were rumors started on Stunt that Sex Appeal could be adding more members. Facade got jumped by Nicky Valentino before the match.  Facade got in some offense but Shields was in control most of the time. Shields distracted the referee while the other members of Sex Appeal attacked Facade on the outside.  Shields posed and pranced before dropping a fist to Facade’s forehead.  Shields hit a nice looking stomach buster then slapped on a body scissors. Dombrowski noted Shields work to limit Facade’s breathing.  Facade mounted a comeback capped by a heel kick.  Facade was dropped on the ringside barrier by Bobby Beverly & Valentino.  Facade hit an Arabian moonsault but only got a two count because Beverly put Shields’ foot on the rope. Facade took out Beverly & Valentino with a suicide dive over the top rope. Facade executed a spring board spin kick to the back of Shields head to get the three count. Sex Appeal started assaulting when Matthew Justice came out to run them off.

Analysis: Good match up which gets Facade & Justice into the tag team title hunt along with Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron. Nice to see Facade, who has worked his ass off, finally get a win in PWO. It rocks to have a source on an announce team. Score: +1.
Johnny Gargano talked about the “Megastar” Marion Fontaine. He said Fontaine thinks he’s going to stick it to management by beating Johnny Gargano.  Gargano said he’s used to being a target. He won’t crack or break. After Gargano defeats Fontaine, it’ll be Iron’s time. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came into the shot as Gargano left. He looked frustrated as the segment closed out.
Analysis: they’re building up to a turn by Cross. Gargano delivered a nice concise, striaght forward message with no goofing around which I really liked. Score: +1.
The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew started their promo talking Spanish. Isaac Montana said that they failed their first time around but they will fight, claw and scratch their way back to another title shot.
Analysis: I couldn’t take my eyes off of Luis Diamante who couldn’t look straight into the camera after his portion of the promo. It was what it should be. The babyface team is getting overloaded. Score: 0.
Eric Ryan & Corey Winters took on Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe. Maguire said that Ryan & Winters have a new adviser. Dombrowski said that they split their first two match ups. Hobo Joe started out against Ryan.  Joe missed a running senton into the corner. Winters tagged in. Joe took over and tagged in Iron.  Winters nearly took off Iron’s head with a clothesline.  Winters & Ryan double suplexed Iron. They tagged in and out to wear down Iron.  Ryan block bustered Iron but only got a two count. Iron & Ryan both went for running cross bodies and took each other out.  Both tagged in their partners. Joe cleaned house.  Joe tagged back in Iron. Ryan executed a nice looking figure four buster but only got a two count. Both teams had men that weren’t legal going for pins and breaking them up s people hit what looked like finishers. Winters power bombed Iron but got caught using the ropes for leverage during the pin. The referee kicked his feet off the rope which dropped Winters into a pinning predicament. Iron scored the pinfall.
Analysis: Winters & Ryan looked really sharp so I hope they get another win to help bolster the heel side of the tag team division. Good match up by both teams really with the only glaring problem being the lack of tags by both teams at the end. I do believe the legal man were involved in the pinfall though. Score: +1.
Vic Travagliante interviewed “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. Fontaine said that when he was with the Freaks, it got him nowhere. He said with his rule, he’s gotten a cha at the PWO Heavyweight Title. He said he’ll expose Gargano for what he  next week then move on to the rest of the roster and PW management won’t be able to do anything about it.
Analysis: Good start but the end didn’t quite sell the craziness as he manically laughed. Score: +1.
Bobby Beverly was attacked by stage but he didn’t know who did it. A couple of unknown people (I think one was referee Tom Dunne) escorted him off holding him up. Analysis: That was a little weird. Not usually a bad guy who gets attacked. Score: 0.
The Sons of Michigan, N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone, took on Jason Bane & “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross in the main event. Dombrowski reminded the viewers that Marion Fontaine versus Johnny Gargano was next week’s main event and the winner of it would face the winner of the eight man tournament starting in two weeks. Cross and Mattson started off the match with some nice chain wrestling. Boone tagged in after a hip toss and clothesline from Cross on Mattson. Boone requested Bane tag in and he did. Bane hit a spine buster and an overhead t-bone like throw. Cross tagged in and got in some tandem moves with Bane before he went to the ring apron.  Mattson caught Cross running the ropes with a knee to the back. Boone took control and tagged in a fresh Mattson. N8 worked over Cross’ injured left hand. Boone & Mattson continued the assault with tags in and out. Boone missed a splash in the corner and Bane got the hot tag. Mattson came into the match at the same time.  Cross accidently hit Bane, who was holding Boone, with a bicycle kick. Boone and Cross fought to the backstage area. Bane connected on an F5 to gain the victory for their team. Dombrowski noted Cross’ disappointment in not making the pin fall.
Analysis: Good match that got the announcers talking about the eight man tourney and the world champion. The action delivered. One couldn’t ask for more. Score: +2.
Final Score: 6/7. Final Analysis: The only two segments that were bad were a promo that were forgotten by this viewer by the end of the show and a mystery attacker scene that is sure to get some play in future weeks. The main event was hyped through a promo and an interview along with being noted by the announcer’s during this week’s main event. A strong ending tied together many plots really helped seal the deal on a great show. 
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