PWO – Season 3 – Episode 20

Who could form the Karate Kontingent? I'm cool. I spelled contingent with a K.

Doctor Monstrous warned the evil doers of Pro Wrestling Ohio to beware because she debuts soon.  Joe Dombrowski then asked for Portia to come to a photo shot. Doctor Monstrous mumbled that she wasn’t Portia. Analysis: This was the same segment as last week except they changed the time of when she’s debuting. What crap. Score: -1.
N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone & Ben Fruth for a match in the semifinals of the number one contendership. Mattson told the crowd that Ben was officially a member of The Sons of Michigan. Mattson made him take off his “Where is Mike Tolar?” shirt for a Michigan shirt.  Jason Bane was Mattson’s opponent. Maguire announced that he was raising the bounty on Jason Bane to $50,000.  Bane used his size advantage to knock Mattson out of the ring a couple of times. Dombrowski mentioned that the Sons of Michigan hope to be the finalists for the contendership. Bane chopped Mattson hard. Bane hit some basic offense including a side suplex. Mattson turned it around with a poke to the eyes.  Mattson got blocked and reversed on a suplex. Bane took a swing at Boone on the apron which lead to him being cop blocked. Mattson began working over the leg with elbows and punches. Dombrowski said they have an interview with Johnny Gargano asking him about his possible role in the ambush attacks.  Mattson was still working over Bane’s leg. Boone interfered while the referee was distracted by Mattson. A figure four was applied by Mattson. Bane reversed it by pushing off the mat.  Bane gave Mattson some heavy shots.  The official got hit when Bane went for the F5.  Bane spine bustered Mattson. Boone jumped on the ring apron and got punched.  Bane went for the “Baneline” but was hit in the back with the TV Title by Boone. Mattson hit the Code Breaker for the victory. He slid out of the ring exhausted and beat up. Maguire and his bodyguard Mr Brinks went down to ringside to taunt Bane when the camera abruptly cut back stage.
Analysis: I liked that they introduced Ben Fruth formerly to the Sons of Michigan. It seemed too much in the background up until now. The match itself was very good. The ending with Maguire was bad editing. I don’t understand doing that without getting Bane’s reaction. Even if it happens later in the show, it’s too late now. Since it’s 2 parts good, 1 part bad – Score: +1.
Hobo Joe was frantically looking for Gregory Iron. Iron was knocked out on the ground. He called for the paramedics. Analysis: And the mystery continues! Score: 0.
Marshall “The Bull” Gambino said he was back in PWO.  He said him and his brother came here last year to make money and break backs.  He said him and his brother were coming back to crack some skulls. Gambino ended by saying they were for sale.
Analysis: Solid promo but it was weird that his brother wasn’t there. They explained it by saying he was in the south on “Family” business but it still struck me funny. Maybe it was because he didn’t help out Sex Appeal last week either. Score: +1.
Shima Xion came to the ring. Dombrowski was questioning whether the attacker was Johnny Gargano. Michael “The Bomber” Facade was his opponent and first big opponent in PWO. Xion stalled by hopping out of the ring. Maguire mentioned that these two were in a four way match about a month ago. They exchanged some easy moves. Dombrowski wondered who else it could be and mentioned Jimmy DeMarco and Mike Tolar. He did say they need to get to the bottom of who it is because they might run out of people if the attack rate continues. Facade got a nice drop kick in. Facade double spring boarded then caught Xion with an arm drag.   Facade reverse kicked Xion and got a two count. Shima mule kicked Facade.  Xion hit his own nice drop kick.  Shima got a two count after a second rope moonsault. Dombrowski admitted that he wasn’t paying enough attention to his job because of the attacks.  Facade ducked a clothesline and then sprung into a heel kick. Facade walked the ropes and hit a drop kick. Facade took out himself and Xion with a helio to the outside.  Facade got a two count off a spring board heel kick.  Facade struggled with his gi again.  Xion was Samoan dropped. Shima got the knees up to block an Arabian Moonsault. Xion slapped on the cross face. Maguire said no one has gotten out of the hold in PWO.  Facade ducked a kick and slithered around him for a jack knife like cover. Xion hit him from behind then in the front with the hairspray can. Shima kicked Facade in the face. He then grabbed the spray can and was going to spray Facade’s eyes. Aeroform made the save. Facade accepted a Rising Sun banada from Louis Linden.
Analysis: Great match. The after ring activities set up a nice possibility if Facade captures the TV Title. The ending was a little weird with Aerofrom. It was nice of them to make the save but the presentation of the handkerchief was what irked me. Facade needs to do something so he doesn’t struggle with that gi. Score: +2.
The Sons of Michigan were in the back. Boone said that there was a nasty rumor about them sneak attacking people. Mattson said they’d need to spend more time in Ohio to attack people so it definitely wasn’t them. Mattson then asked Ben Fruth  why Tolar has his own milk carton while wearing the “Have You Seen Me?” Mike Tolar shirt. Mattson said that he hand picked an opponent for Fruth. Mattson said that Facade has been a thorn in their side but will lose his chance at the TV Title because he isn’t “Amazing”. Boone then talked about his match against “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross for the other spot in the #1 contendership tournament. He said he was the top animal in PWO and will show him next week. Mattson screamed “We’re coming for you Matty.”
Analysis: Yuck. This promo was on crack. Fruth should have had the Michigan shirt on or Mattson should have asked why Fruth took it off. He’s a joke in the ring so the mystery opponent doesn’t leave me wanting to know who it’ll be. The parts about the sneak attacks, Facade and Cross were fine in and of themselves but made them have four topics to talk about in about 2 minutes. Too much information. Score: -1.
Johnny Gargano said that he holds the PWO Title proudly. He is worried about all of his challengers. Gargano said he is a changed person. Matt Cross said he attacked him a couple of years ago with a hammer. Gargano said he’d never do that now and claimed he was under a lot of stress. Cross said that he promised him a match. Gargano said that management hasn’t given him a chance to make the match come about. Cross said he’d be watching.
Analysis: Solid segment. Both guys were solid but not great. Gargano wasn’t “stressed” enough and Cross seemed to be missing some anger in his tone. Score: +1.
Pedro DeLucca said that Aeroform, Flip Kendrick & Louis Linden, were set to take on Bobby Shields and Bobby Beverly of Sex Appeal for the Tag Team Titles. Nicky Valentino & Dawn Decadence accompanied Shields & Beverly to the ring.  Sex Appeal attacked Aeroform when they played to the crowd.  Linden drop toe holded Beverly into Shields crotch.  Beverly turned the offense around Kendrick did a standing flip stomp. Linden was crotched by Shields by way of interference.  Beverly got a two count off a driver. A double team suplex only got a two count. A back breaker/downward spiral double team also got a two count. Linden got out of his beat down with a pair of kicks. Shields missed a corner plash. Kendrick got the hot tag and cleaned house. Beverly pulled Shields  out fo the ring and started to leave with the Tag Team Titles. Aeroform dove onto them.  Kendrick hit a sloppy package piledriver.  Decadence covered up Shields as Kendrick went to the top rope.  Shields hit a Gory bomb for the victory.
Analysis: Another solid match but it had more sloppy spots. The number’s game made for a confusing match but the cheap win for the heels. They don’t have enough faces to beat so Aeroform works even if they’re the smoothest of the teams. Score: +1.
Final Score: 3/7. Final Analysis: I know the announcers continue to mention it, but too much information is being talked about during these matches. Most of the time it does apply to the participants but they blew off 2 matches (Xion vs. Facade and Aeroform vs. Sex Appeal) for the “Who Done it?” storyline. The storylines did move forward though even if they didn’t solve said problem. They’re finally putting heat on a single source (Gargano) while still throwing out some other possibilities. Shima got a solid win while not making Facade look bad for his future TV Title shot.


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