Kevin’s Blog: Mostly Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

A much better picture than Thurdays. A better program to review too. Go to for the original.

I may record later this week so I may not expound on the topics on my television viewing tonight. I could get my ass handed to me in said Audio. There’s a chance I’ll change my opinion between now and then. I’m not a politician. I’m allowed to flip flop. Having a review on the main part of the site helps to make us seem more professional or something too. Let’s roll.

They had a nice run down of the exiling of poor Darren Young from Nexus. Then we got a review of Randy Orton flipping out on Sheamus. Sheamus got a little heat with his promo.

Damn phone calls always delaying me. I’m sure I’ll still catch up. The opener was a bit different than normal at least in length of time. I’m sure this match between R-Truth and Edge will be stellar. Cole picking on R-Truth is a good start to making his criticism of Daniel Bryan go further and mean more. “Do you believe in the Easter Bunny too?” Classic question from the King who could benefit from Cole going full fledged heel too. Cole, we haven’t seen that look from Edge much on Raw because he’s mostly been a Smackdown guy his whole career. Dummy. The match went about the way I expected it. Nice post match promo by Edge.

I really hope Cody doesn’t suck on Warehouse 13. I have quite the fondness for the show so he better not make it suck.

The Great Khali versus Chris Jericho is going to be a classic. The crowd cold give a shit less about this match. Jericho gets a much needed, even if it was obvious, win. Te submissin part was the whipped cream and cherry.Jericho didn’t fair as well as Edge in the promo department.

Josh Matthews gets extra excited when he introduces John Cena. Wow, did Cena just cut a fully serious promo? I’ve started to be irriated by his stuff recently but that was a good one.

Jilliam versus Melina. I’ve already typed more about this match than I should have. Why didn’t Laycool mention what their offer that couldn’t be refused? Don’t you need the offer to be able to refuse it?

The Miz is just killing right now. The Miz might make himself more popular than Cena if they feud any longer than for just tonight. I love that one of the briefcases is still in play and Miz is one of the few people that could pull off the threat with all this great mic work.

Nice of the GM to remember the ban on title shots. Nice one line promo by Barrett.

Cena versus Miz could be a great match but I don’t want to see a clean victory. Bryan could interfere to help my theory out. Why did it take me until almost the commercial break to think of that?

The director showing the shot of the briefcase makes me think Bryan will steal it to distract Miz. Nice. Loving Miz breaking up the STF. The crowd sounds more pro-Cena than normal. Great submission by Bryan. It’s getting over how pissed he is. Cena shouldn’t have been that accepting of him costing him the match.

The Usos get to battle Vlad & Santino. Tag team wrestling sucks. Everywhere. The crowd cheered for them. Not a lot but they got cheered. Tamina looks like Chyna with poofy hair and Samoan looks. This angle is just a rerun of Beth Phoenix and Santino.

I finally caught up during the 3 way match between Orton, Morrison and DiBiase. And these cock suckers go to commercial again.

I’m trying to figure out which way would be best for Morrison to get kick started again. I think he needs to change his look beyond growing a beard. New tights might be the best thing. Why is Cole calling it a Flash kick instead of The Flying Chuck? Cool finish. I finally cracked aYuengling.

Sheamus promo number two. He’s getting to be all over the place even if it was a short one.

What a weird choice. I knew Sheamus would low ball it but this choice is strange. Nice intros by Roberts. It’d be way out of character for Sheamus to not defend the belt. The Nexus music sucks. Good angle by Barrett for the title shot. The crowd would be sitting on its’ hands. Wow, the crowd is kind of excited about the match up. Six pack challenge? I’m not drinking that much Yeuengling tonight. Orton should have been saved for last. Cena will be last of course. Seriously, they aren’t going to beat on Barrett more? At least Orton was standing tall at the end. – Kevin

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