ROH to Air in France.

Dog with a Beret, get it?

Rejoice, wrestling fans! Frenchies can now sit around chain-smoking with a baguette in hand espousing how ROH’s visual style is reminiscent of early French existential films in that they are both overrated pieces of shit but since they are not well known, only douchebag film snobs like it and look down on whoever hasn’t heard of them. But hey, much like all ROH fans, French people think they’re better than everyone else, yet don’t wear deodorant. All of this according to

This isn’t the worst thing for France. It now gives their national soccer/football team something to watch when they refuse to practice. I can’t imagine there is much else to watch in France other than Jerry Lewis and Yahoo Serious flicks. Have you ever tried watching French porn? That garbage is near unwatchable. Not only can you not understand anyone, you can barley see a chick’s vagina behind the thicket that runs from the lower ass cheek up to their friggin belly button. Hey ladies, it’s called a BIC; look in to it, for Christ’s sake.

This isn’t exactly great news for ROH, however; when a good day consists of TV in France and Eddie Edwards re-signing, you might as well cash in your chips. Remember this, kids: France gave the U.S. the Statue of Liberty. ROH gave TNA Desmond Wolfe. Thanks for nothing. –Jeremy (with an assist from Eric)

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  1. stuntdusty 2010-09-09 at 2:22 pm #

    Hour back… get it?!?!

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