MsChif Ascends to Goddess Status

Choosing an arty pic to offset the obvious machoism.

I am getting to this first because  my head may explode soon. MsChif, was featured on PBS’s show “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.” It turns out MsChif is a Microbiologist when not wrestling. Yes, a fucking microbiologist. Now I understand that not all women are complete dolts and I’m not saying I expected her to be one but a microbiologist? Jesus Christ. I didn’t understand regular biology in High School so the idea that a wrestler, male or female understands any of it, let alone a particular study.

This news makes my groin ache as I always considered McChif to be one of the underrated cuties in wrestling. Now it comes out she has brains as well? Not just street smart brains but actual clinical analysis style brains? This news also changes my long standing ideas about one day meeting her. It always played out that I would be cool and star struck like usual but not a total goof. Now, if that day ever comes I may have to bring a change of underwear. -Jeremy

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