PWO – Season 4 – Episode 8

This episode went by quickly. Find out why beneath the jump.

Joe Dombrowski (quietly) said that Johnny Gargano will be out of action indefinitely because of an attack after the show last week. He throws it to a clip. They showed the end of the match between Gargano vs Bane vs. Fontaine. A man with a ski mask attacked Gargano’s neck after the match. the assailant ran away as Dombrowski practically no sold the assaulter. Oh no, Dombrowski is acting like he doesn’t know if they’re on. I understand the angle. Dombrowski does somber voice while Gargano stays down.

Analysis: I fast forwarded through the end of it. I was bored. I understand the angle but it seemed too scripted. Score: 0.

Bobby Shields came out to take on Louis Linden. Aaron Maguire talks up his man “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine winning the PWO Heavyweight Title. Dombrowski apologized for not concentrating on the match but I was pretty bored. It kicked up a notch just after that with a moonsault by Linden onto Shields on the outside. Shields rammed Linden into the ring post then tossed him back inside. Shields got a two count after a neck breaker. Maguire kept on mentioning old acquaintances of Fontaine’s for possible number one contenders. Shields missed a moonsault which allowed Linden to recover. Linden chopped Shields down. Shields connects with a thrust kick but only gets a two. Linden pump kicked Shields in the face for the victory. Bobby Beverly and Nicki Valentino attacked Linden. Michael Facade and Flip Kendrick make the save after Linden got a triple thrust kick.

Analysis: The match did start really slow but after they got started all was well. I’m thinking Linden might be the cleanest of the Ninja Elite Squad. Shields looked better than I think I’ve ever seen him. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine called himself the new face of PWO Television. He just kept saying how great he was. Fontaine made fun of Justin LaBar. Fontaine said he’s going to have a long reign. Analysis: Good cocky follow up from last week’s big victory. He picked on LaBar and made it sound like he earned the victory. Classic heel stuff. Score: +1.

Shima Xion said that Michael Facade got lucky. He claimed to be the biggest star in PWO. Xion said he demands title shots. He said if he doesn’t get his chances, he’ll take them. Analysis: Isn’t that Fontaine’s schtick? You couldn’t find another way for Xion to turn the corner? Plus, he has no spot for a title since he’s a heel and both champs are heels. Unless he got a tag team partner. Still not good to repeat an angle. Score: -1.

Brian Bender took on Dan Arkman? I’m not sure the sound was too quiet and there was no graphic. Slackers. Bender was taking too much of a beating from a guy who had a beer belly and long stringy brown hair. This match is supposed to be comedy. It’s not funny or good. Bender wins with a roll up. Oh, Dan Arkham, I think. Bender raises Arkham’s arm after the match.

Analysis: I think I’ve expressed by disdain for this match enough. Score: -1.

Nonpoint has the theme song for Pressure Rising so they get a video. The broads fighting in this video are pretty hot. I like Nonpoint. They’re not the cream of the crop but they get the job done for me. Women cage fighting is sexy. Got me to watch the video. “Miracle” is the song’s name. Analysis: Sorry, but I can’t give a bonus for that. Best theme music for any event I can remember in the recent past.

They went to the PWO Vault and showed last week when Ben Fruth wouldn’t count for Benjamin Boone. Lots of time to kill in this episode.

Jason Bane complains about Aaron Maguire interfering in his business again. Bane reveals that he is the number one contender. Bane says that there’s a match for the Title next week. Bane claims he’ll be Champion. Analysis: He didn’t seem excited enough about getting a match against Fontaine for the Title. The message was fine. Score: 0.

Matthew Justice, Jason Gorey and Corey Winters came to the ring then they went to a commercial. Krimson came to the ring by himself. Jason Gory blew mist in Winter’s eyes. Krimson and Gory assaulted Justice then brought Raven out. Raven then attacked Krimson and Gory. Dombrowski informs us that it’s going to be a tag match now.  The action spills onto the floor. They fight around the announce table. I’m guessing they really don’t want their equipment broken. They can replace it in the WWE. Or even TNA. Gory was draped over the guard rail by Raven. Justice then gave Gory a leg drop off the apron. Justice gives Krimson a suplex on the outside. The heels double groin kick to get the upper hand.  Dombrowski talks about Krimson who has mysterious mind control abilities. Krimson brings a table into the ring. Raven looked really awkward “Hulking up”. Justice was about to get a Roll of the Dice from Krimson when he reversed it into a Death Valley Driver. Gory yanked on the ref to avoid the three count. Gory got DDTed by Raven. Justice gives Gory a Death Valley Driver into the table set up by Krimson for the three count.

Analysis: If you just look at the match itself, it was a good tag team brawl. If you look at the angle, the multiple turns was just weird but they must have been missing a couple of the guys due to be in this match. Score: +1.

Final Score: 0/7. Final Analysis: I looked back over my scoring and noticed that I didn’t like the talk segments very much but was fine with the wrestling matches, except for that bomb by Brian Bender and Dan Arkham. What a ridiculous way to show Bender is a good guy now. He should have whooped on Arkham and won clean, period. No need for the weirdness.  The show did seem to flow well though because none of the segments were really long but they weren’t so short you felt like you were watching TNA. I think the score is indicative of the episode. Up and down.

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