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Which one became the new right hand man and who's zombiefied in the drink?

Which one became the new right hand man and who’s zombiefied in the drink?

One episode to go gang before the Waking Dead will break our hearts and no doubt leave some of us very angry.  Yup, one more episode to go before this half-season cliffhanger. The Governors plight came to an end. The events may have been a bit jumbled and the timeline is still in question but how did they guys feel about it? How stupid do people continue to be on this show? How convenient do the show writers make it for their characters? A tank? Really? Oh nd a driver to boot? Ok, whatever, just make it worthwhile.

Jeremy:  So, like I said last week, I wasn’t buying the Governor done good garbage.
Kevin:  Yes, it’s an interesting window into the world of TV. We know what the evil guy did in the past but you can’t help new meat from being fed to him. We never bought his turn around but people in zombie land are all that matter.
Jeremy:  If those women didn’t have that girl Megan he wouldn’t have bothered with them. So it was no surprise last night when he turned and took power. He was never redeeming himself. He was using them.
Kevin:  The whole opening scene backed up your point because it was just him giving her life lessons as he hang dries clothes.
Jeremy:  Lived the reveal of a tank. It was only a matter of time. As soon as they went on the excursion in the woods Martinez and gang were done. He immediately started to size them up.
Kevin:  The tank was one of those moments that is all TV land too. Well, we already did people fighting against people. Then people in gun fights. What can make things more explosive. I got it, a tank!
Jeremy:  Yeah but they did mention the army convoy being hit as well as his new right hand man being a tank operator. A little too convenient but fun.
Kevin:  I did think that was a smart ploy on the Governor’s part to get rid of the people who knew him in the recent past. Can’t let anyone dropping secrets.
Jeremy:  If Martinez had shown he was a capable leader he would have been OK. Getting drunk and hitting golf balls creating noise was pretty stupid. “Brian” is still protecting the women.
Kevin:  I didn’t even think about it that way. The Gov whacking him across the face with a club was rough-looking. Then slowly letting the zombies eat him was even worse.

Jeremy:  The club was really awful. Not sure why but the thought of an edge bashing in to the ear is nauseating. After that being eaten by walkers was almost mercy to me.
Kevin:  I thought the touch of not just pitching Martinez in the pit as the little bit of extra that made it worse. Although it’s not quite as bad as leaving a zombie anchored to the bottom of the nearby watering hole.
Jeremy:  Yes slowly pushing his head in to the pit was terribly clever. Helps make the story of him getting drunk and falling in the pit more likely. Of course the logic involved with a pit of walkers can be argued. The symbolism of trapping the innocent rube in the lake was obvious but not sure that is the smartest idea. Made for a great visual.
Kevin:  Yeah, leaving a walker alive always comes back to bite you in the ass. Plus, who wouldn’t use that water from time to time if it’s Kool-Aid blue?
Jeremy:  Drinking water was my first thought. Having the Walker in the water contaminates the make right? Wait, was that the reason?
Kevin:  Yes it was. Most people do notice the importance of water in this apocalypse. This miss a lot else. Especially since it’s not like he hid the zombie in the deepest part or the center of the pond. The zombie is right at the end of the pier. They miss a lot easily.
Jeremy:  Hmm. So think he was potentially poisoning it?
Kevin:  Do you mean intentionally? He was definitely poisoning it according to the well scene from back on the farm.
Jeremy:  OK wanted to clarify it. Just didn’t jive with me. He is too smart not to have known. He essentially is trying to make the area a dead zone. Also makes you think the prison virus was related.
Kevin:  They have let go the whole mice feeding of walkers at the prison and I feel like there was something else unresolved that could be connected back to the Governor. He could have an inside man but it could be his own doing.
Jeremy:  Yeah that was my thought as well. Now  though it seems unlikely. Of course the last two episodes it seemed to be his perspective. Not necessarily the truth. The mice bait though can still be a factor. There is still next episode to show he has been weakening the perimeter.

Kevin:  It doesn’t seem as if he did it himself because he has been a lot of places but not the prison. It hasn’t been that long in between seasons so it was either an inside job or they left something out of his narrative.
Jeremy:  I am thinking it got left out. Just because he was outside the prison doesn’t mean that was his first time there.
Kevin:  That is a true statement. Now, one question about the Governor taking charge. Does he do the same thing if there isn’t a mud pit of zombie’s to block his/their attempt at fleeing?
Jeremy:  I think so. That was another one of those moments. There is danger everywhere. He ran with the new family and the domestic partner and in the middle of the road is a swap mud walker pile. They weren’t safe enough.
Kevin:  So you’re going with it was a catalyst. Fair enough. If he didn’t take over there, I think he would have where ever they fled to. He was already starting to feel the leader juice when his replacement wife and her family kept asking him for decisions and action last week.
Jeremy:  Yeah the more needy that grandpa got the more he was pulled back. Sooner than he probably planned but it was going to happen regardless. One thing that seemed off was the fact that the camp they found suddenly got ransacked. One theory I have is obvious; The Governor took them out. The other is a little far-fetched but was it Carol that did it?
Kevin:  That got glossed over a little too easily in my book. Even if the Governor did it by himself (seemed like it was at least a 4 person job), wouldn’t his partners have heard some noise while it was happening? That’s what I found hardest to believe. They acted like the search group went to Antarctica during the attack on the other settlement.
Jeremy:  Right. Hence why I considered Carol. She is on her own and she got real crafty with knives.
Kevin:  Ahhh. I like the theory more with your additional information. It still seemed like to me more than one person perpetrated the attack because that camp looked ransacked. If you take away the noise factor, the search group didn’t take that long to circle back to the camp. To me, a single person couldn’t have done that much ransacking in that time span.
Jeremy:  Well Carol took out two in the prison. They didn’t look young.
Kevin:  But you’re talking two people who were sick, staying in cells by themselves compared to an open camp that had at least a dozen people at it who weren’t sick.
Jeremy:  Were there that many? I thought there maybe four.
Kevin:  I didn’t take a count but I thought there was at least six tents.
Jeremy:  Her skills may have become ninja.
Kevin:  Ha. It could come back to her because something happened. Because it was a catalyst for the Governor taking over, I’m still for him committing the act. He even used that moment to persuade the dumb ex-Army guy to keep his mouth shut.

Jeremy:  Think that was more forced persuasion. Opening a door to find the guy has blood on his hands and a gun pointed in your direction will do that.
Kevin:  He didn’t seem like he was cut out to be a leader anyway. What do you think of the lady getting a look at the damaged eye socket of the Governor?
Jeremy:  Was that supposed to be a big moment? It didn’t seem loving or anything.
Kevin:  I thought it was supposed to be a bonding of sorts. They spent enough time on it to make it seem like a big moment.
Jeremy:  Yeah it was after all of the heinous acts he just pulled off so it rang hollow. He doesn’t deserve the tenderness or the bonding.
Kevin:  I think they want you to be pissed that he’s getting some but all I see is the terrible ending that family is going to meet.
Jeremy:  Yes exactly. He brought them in only to get slaughtered. Next week is intriguing. Why not try to make peace with the prison instead of allowing some new guy come in and tell you to take it by force?
Kevin:  I’ve got no idea. The people seemed more opinionated than anyone at the prison when they started demanding for a vote for leader. Brian kills off all the other options and the people just let it slide or don’t find it strange?
Jeremy:  Right. So they need to either jump forward in time a tad or do some heavy explaining.
Kevin:  I’m going with option number one.
Jeremy:  I don’t mind a time jump. Gives an excuse in explanation.
Kevin:  I’m assuming the Governor didn’t pull the trigger against Michonne since they showed him arriving at the prison in the tank.
Jeremy:  Yeah that was a pretty stupid cliffhanger if you show that there was no consequence in the previews.
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