Stunt Granny Audio Show #261


Jeremy & Kevin didn’t waste any time with small talk at the beginning of the show. They got right into talk about the WWE since they aren’t wasting any time setting up Battleground. How many matches can they name off the tops of their heads that are set already? How many of those matches got confirmed at Smackdown as they recorded? The guys decide to focus on the Paige and AJ Lee. Why didn’t the WWE develop more personality in Paige? Why not have her turn on AJ during their match this past Monday? Are they going to team them up since Paige doesn’t have much of a personality? What was the WWE’s plan before Naomi got injured? Has she worked her way back into the Divas Title hunt after having a pair of good matches with Paige? Speaking of Paige’s mic problems, does that speak to a larger disconnect between Full Sail University and the WWE’s main television products? Rusev and Jack Swagger both have speaking problems so do Lana and Zeb Colter help out? Could beating Rusev put Swagger’s career back on track? Should RVD get the mantle for the Five Moves of Doom? Is there anything to his character any more? Have Rusev’s matches been too short to prove that he’s a monster? The guys finally get around to the curious case of Cesaro. Jeremy & Kevin agree that it’s good that he got away from Colter & Swagger but what has that done for him? Was the plan always to bury him? Then why did he win against Randy Orton and put on good matches with John Cena before the Elimination Chamber? Would the WWE give him Paul Heyman just so Brock Lesnar’s name can be on TV every week? How weak are the pin falls he took against Kofi Kingston? How does that jive with the announcers saying he has impressive strength? Why do fans always fear the worst when a favorite loses a mere two matches in a row? The guys had so much to talk about that they wanted a second hour. But here’s the first part in one nice little hour package.

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