#ImpactWrestling – Total Nonsense Analysis

The Seagram Building designed by Mies van der Rohe & Philip Johnson. From studyblue.com

The Seagram Building in downtown NYC designed by Mies van der Rohe & Philip Johnson. From studyblue.com

– TNA is having a New York City Gold Rush Tournament which will allow the winner to pick the title shot they want. Low Ki took on MVP for the first of five spots in the main event match to determine the winner. MVP won in a well wrestled match. I’m not surprised. Two good wrestlers were in the ring. It makes sense to have MVP win because you can tease out whether he will fight Lashley for the TNA Title.

– I’m dying with the Bromans doing the camera reveal. Jesse acknowledged the camera man who “secretly” filming them. Robbie E spilled the beans about his Amazing Race partner Brooke. He ended up taking on Tajiri in the Gold Rush. Tajiri ended up using the green mist to kick Robbie E for the win. Decent match too.

Austin Aries is taking on Knux for the third spot in the Gold Rush. I’ll break another computer if Knux wins this match. For the first time in TNA that I can remember, Knux broke out his wrestling skills. He stuck to his brawling material when he was in Aces & Eights. He was always athletic for a big man in the WWE. It was quite a sight to see Aries brainbuster Knux for the win. Aries needs to get back on track. He’s been lost since his injury.

Mr. Anderson taking on Magnus was the fourth spot in the Gold Rush. Both of these guys have been lost for a while. Anderson had something with Samuel Shaw but he did such a poor job I can’t even count that. Magnus won the TNA Title and immediately turned into Randy Orton. Except Orton has twelve title wins to list on his resume to say how great he is. Magnus has no such privilege. Mr. Anderson got the win in another solid match. I don’t like it but Magnus has his warts as noted.

– For some reason, Abyss took on Samuel Shaw for the fifth spot. I remember when I was enjoying Joseph Park. Now I just get to watch brawl after brawl with him. Shaw walked into a Black Hole Slam. I could see Abyss winning the Gold Rush because he would present a new element for Lashley to deal with but it’d make no sense considering he’s lost three consecutive matches to Bram.

Austin Aries vs Abyss vs Mr. Anderson vs Tajiri vs MVP was the main event. This has been a pleasant viewing of TNA for a change. It’s been basic with no shenanigans. I can deal with that. Austin Aries ended up winning the match. He has the go back after Lashley option or the X Division Title.

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