Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 5 – Episode 14 – Spend

Maggie Spend
Jeremy:  Keeping with tradition, Gabrielle needs to be eliminated immediately.
Kevin:  Hahaha. The whole show was set up around that premise though. The actions of the group appear to be motivated to help themselves but they all show valor trying to help others which got them into an awkward spot with the Alexandria folk.
Jeremy:  Dudes a little ungreatful bitch. From the second they showed hm on top of a rock I knew he was bad news. He is projecting hsi own guilt on the group. Unless he is a master actor and has a hidden agenda.
Kevin:  Completely ungrateful. Gabriel wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for them.
He was too afraid to venture far so he would have starved at a minimum.
Jeremy:  In the world that is constructed on that show it is a justifiable act to exile his dumb ass. Also plays ion to the cowardly aspect of Alexandria’s residents they built as well. he fits perfectly being a rat and weak.
Kevin:  Well, the Group can exile hm but I’m not sure Alexandria would want to do that. It does appear on the surface that the Group is trying to take over and trying to kill off the people of Alexandria.
Jeremy:  The only disputable action would be Glenn and company since they suffered casualties. The timing of it all is terrible though. I didn’t see the Noah death coming even though he had signed up for some other new show.
Kevin I was laughing that last week, we talk about them needing to thin out the cast and they got that accomplished last night. Glenn can’t really be at fault because he wasn’t the moron that shot a grenade that put them into a terrible predicament.
Jeremy:  There is a lot of blame to go around here. The biggest blame goes on all of the group on the run. They see the walkers trapped and yet again do not take care of them. It is becoming a terrible crutch for this show.
Kevin:  Sure they should have taken out the zombies which is a terrible crutch. But I don’t think it’s even blame. Was his name Tobin? Kept wanting to forge ahead and he makes the biggest mistake that puts them in that spot instead of being more cautious like Glenn wanted to be.
Jeremy:  Yeah which brings us to a blame. When he took off and Glen followed he should have realized it was a lost cause. They made it clear there was no business happening through the front door.
Kevin That part was just dumb on Glenn’s part. The fact that Eugene almost saved their hides was amazing. Glenn was a little too stubborn about breaking the glass too. The zombies didn’t break the glass, you’re not going to without shooting it. I understand they didn’t have bullets but the gun butt wasn’t working.
Jeremy:  I would have thought kicking out the bottom pane would have been a smarter idea but in that extreme situation cooler heads aren’t  always available. It did make me think that Glenn and Noah are weak or were totally taken by surprise with the door moving. I told Elyse they ave the advantage with two people being in the same compartment.
Kevin:  The cooler heads are tossed out at that point. I don’t recall how hard Noah was pushing on the opposite side of the revolving door. It probably wasn’t going to end well one way or the other. It ended in gruesome fashion for the second time in the evening. They had been CGIing stuff that looked bad but Noah and the other guy’s death were spectacular and it seemed most of it was special effects.
Jeremy:  The Noah death had a lot of small details. The finger in the eye was a small touch. The worst was the fingers in the mouth. I wasn’t expecting them to tear his mouth open. Really nasty.
Kevin That always gets me even when it happens in wrestling. I don’t want fingers in my mouth. I really don’t want rotting fingers in my mouth ripping it apart.
Jeremy:  I figured fingers insert he disappears. Instead he is pressed against the glass. Filthy walker fingers pull him back, stab eye and then put fingers in mouth. All with a helpless Glenn looking on What a horrible scene.
Kevin The fact that Glenn held back from killing Nicholas after that incident was an act of kindness that didn’t need to happen. That should convince Alexandria that Glenn was on the up and up.
Jeremy:  Especially considering he ran out on his friend. The friend that confessed to Glen they run instead of fighting and trying to save each other.
Kevin But it does go back to the paranoia of this little “peaceful” group that doesn’t seem so peaceful. The other big story line was Bruce(?) being the wife beater that he is. He’s definitely a drunk.
Jeremy:  Pete is his name , for now at least. I wouldn’t say it was a big part until Carol tells Rick he has to kill him. It came totally out of the blue but does explain his change of tone with Rick.
Kevin I just am having a hard time keeping track of all of the Alexandrites names straight. Pete has definitely flopped like a fish in the three episodes he’s been on. The story didn’t come to the fore front but it was in context to other small stories like the owl being broken so that Constable Rick could look into it. The fact that the kid was the tip to Carol was a real kicker since she’s threatening to do worse to the kid than the father is doing.
Jeremy:  I want to agree with her and she is probably right based off of her history of abuse but damn, no trial, just executioner.
Kevin That’s where the territory between doing right and doing justice “The American Way” come into conflict. In the zombie apocalypse, people aren’t given the luxury of a trial by their peers. It’s execution time. Carol has had her fair share of hers already.
Jeremy:  In their new surroundings though they can get back to some sort of justice system. maybe this will get addresses and I am jumping ahead.
Carol though seems almost too harsh now. I understand her aversion to having the kids around.
Kevin:  As much as I enjoyed her speech last week, you’re right, she went over board this week. He’s keeping your secret. You need to keep the kid happy so make him the damn cookies without threatening him.
Jeremy:  I was waiting for the kid to turn it on her and try to make her do what he wants since he held information.
Kevin:  As you routinely point out, kids are dumb as bricks. He’s got an angle but isn’t really taking advantage of it.
Jeremy:  it is something the show taught, everyone has something and this kid does btu isn’t cunning enough to understand
Kevin Abraham taking over the construction site was certainly another story in the show that was helping the Group gain power in Alexandria.
Jeremy:  It wasn’t even a gaining power move. What a pussy. She has two walkers around here and she is done for? The town is full of cowards and yet another display. The one guy stepping up after Abraham had cleared so many cracked me up.
KevinThey certainly were a bunch of cowards on that one. The one guy stepping up didn’t crack me up quite as much as Abraham’s glee in killing the zombies.
Jeremy:  Abraham zoning out when he saw the birds take off was a nice Incredible Hulk moment. Getting in to beast mode. What was he using to smash heads? I couldn’t figure it out.
Kevin Neither could I but I was assuming it was fencing material. Maybe one of the spikes that the kid used to escape back when they got into Alexandria.
Jeremy:  it was a blunt object so was wondering if it was a saw or something. his outburst reminded me of Tyreese taking out the walkers after learning of his girl being burned up.
Kevin:  Or even when Tyreese went crazy when Martin, everyone’s favorite Tigers fan, tried to threaten the girls.
Jeremy:  Right, so apparently Abraham has slid in to the Tyreese role. it did seemingly help Abraham who, like a lot of the others, isn’t coping well. He needed a mission and now he has it.
Kevin:  Rick did more of his itching last week but the Group as a whole just doesn’t seem like it wants to find a permanent home. Carol is blowing stuff up in the city, Glenn is hitting snags and Abraham’s been ready to kill zombies.
Jeremy:  Daryl got his wheels and took off immediately. Maggie seems to be in good with her role and it served a large matter f convenience.
Kevin:  I had a question about Maggie at the end, especially since we started with her most important “act.” Why was she hiding when blabbing Gabe was at Deanna’s place? Deanna acted like no one else heard Gabe. Wouldn’t she know if Maggie left her house?
Jeremy:  Maggie is her second, so to speak, so she may have been in basement doing something for her. She wasn’t expecting babbling bitch boy so as he went on and on Maggie came up the stairs. In a feet of total science fiction Maggie played it straight and didn’t fly off the handle. So she can just go back down the stairs and act like it didn’t happen. Then go report to Rick or confront Gabrielle.
Kevin Okay, I can see it playing out that way. That will have to wait for next week though.
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