Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 42



Ken & Kevin are back fro another rollicking episode of OHPA. To start the show, they address some nasty rumors being circulated by one Jeremy Maes. They move on to their very United Kingdom centric show. They start by talking about Bald’s Leechbook which may have a use in modern medicine. What would it help to kill? How did this old recipe even get tested? What did the scientists think would happen when the conducted this experiment? Ken & Kevin stay in the Middle Ages and wonder, how were their teeth? What did they brush with? Did they have mouthwash? What did their diet consist of? The duo travels further north on the same island to talk about Scotland and it’s famed Loch Ness monster. Google claims to have taken a picture of it with Google Street View but has a pretty through debunking of this myth. How long has it been since the first sighting? Did the guys believe Robert Stack when he covered the Loch Ness Monster on Unsolved Mysteries? Why do your hosts still want to believe in such a monster? Ken & Kevin’s last topic is about an English soccer player who got caught having coitus in the visitor’s bench after an away game. Why are all of the English men having sex in odd places? The guys wind up the show by talking about not one, but two Sippy Time Beers of the Week. What are they, find out when you click the link below!


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