Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 46



Kevin & Ken noticed that Twin Peaks has been in the headlines a lot these last few days. Not just the Twin Peaks that they love to talk about that will yet again be directed by David Lynch. Evidently there was a shoot out in Waco TX that involved the restaurant Twin Peaks. How far in advance did the restaurant owner know this might happen? Why would the franchisee not help the police? Should the police go into Minority Report role when they know something like this shoot out is going to happen? There were no rats in either biker gang but Ken & Kevin did look at a report about empathy in rats this week. Why did Kevin not feed his snake rats and why does that tie into this story? What was the experiment exactly? Have other scientists been able to confirm this behavior in rats? Humans are in a rat race every day when they drive to work. So, bigger roads will solve the problem, right? Research says that it doesn’t. Why do bigger roads become crowded all over again? Is there a good solution to this problem? All of that driving does drive Ken & Kevin to drink the Sippy Time Beer of the Show. What is it? Find out when you click the link below!

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