Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 56

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Ken & Kevin are back after a hiatus bottling beer for Stunt Granny Brewing. One gentleman they read about likes to do his drinking while in an airplane. How much time does he spend in the air? Is there a group for this type of hobby? Why would anyone want to spend this much time on an airplane? Does that end up causing health problems? What does this guy do for fun? What were his hobbies as a child? What happens if this gentleman wants to do a little personal moving around? Would he choose a Walkcar or  an Auto-Balancing Skateboard? Which one do your hosts prefer? Will they stop using their legs and opt for one of these devices? Ken & Kevin pivot from something high tech to something biblical, a plague of locusts. Which were the hosts favorite plagues when they attended Catholic grade school? What else has gone wrong in Russia this year? How large of some of these locusts? Will dousing them with chemicals work? What would be the best way to keep locusts away from your plants, grow them inside! Which you can do more efficiently than ever with the Grove Ecosystem. What makes it different than when Kevin’s dad used to grow plants in the basement? The guys talked about saving seeds for future use. Can you figure out how fruits and vegetables used to be by studying old paintings? Ken & Kevin admired the art work on their cans of beer, so what was the Sippy Time Beer of the Week? Find out when you click the link below!

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