Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #74


This week on “We Watch Stuff” the boys finish up their discussion on Season One of Luke Cage. How will this series be viewed in the long run? How can one series be viewed differently by the exact same audience? How does it all tie in with Iron Fist as well as the upcoming Defenders? Why wasn’t there a cameo from Jessica Jones or Daredevil? Hell Frank castle would have worked as well. They also discuss the Flash and how one show has changed all of CW’s DC shows. Is it lazy writing or just a quick way of fixing issues with their show as well as Arrow? Speaking of Arrow; is the premiere episode an indication that he series is back on track? How can a small screen version of Superman work so much better than the recent big screen version? Was his inclusion the missing key for the Supergirl show? How much of the premiere episode of a reset of the status quo? When is appropriate to call someones baby stupid? Why doesn’t this happen more? Yeah there is some wrestling talk but we talk about much more as well. So get to listening already won’t ya?

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