Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #89

The boys are back this week and things aren’t going well. Why on earth would there ever be a remake of The Raid? Let alone an American version with none of the original cast? Didn’t we learn anything from the remake of OldBoy?  What could possibly be the only way to save this remake from becoming yet another flop for remakes? Why do people have such an issue with subtitles? Does an actor suffer when being required to speak anything other than their native tongue for a film? What did the PG-13 rating do to the movie industry? What were the unofficial rues that made a movie PG-13?  Who saw Fifty Shades Darker? How did this cause the conversation to shift towards the standard of beauty in entertainment? When did booty become the thing instead of no hips, flat butts and thongs becoming the norm? When is WWE going to learn that the bad guys they create are way incredibly cool? Did Apollo Crews finally break out on Talking Smack? Yeah this is a doozy of a show so don’t miss out.




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