WWE Raw Live Attendance Notes

Stunt Granny LLC/Kevin DiFrango

Since I never seem to get the full live experience out on the podcast due to talking about the actual wrestling on the show and Smackdown Live, let’s jot some notes down so that Stunt Granny has a new post for today.

  • My seat is pictured above and boy was it a good one. Almost dead middle of the ring, no one’s head in my way and all of the production equipment in front of me. I got lost a few times looking down at the large monitor on the left hand side which had all of the camera angles running at the same time.
  • As noted on our Facebook page and my Instagram account, Four String Brass Knuckle Pale Ale was the beverage of choice last night. It’s one of the few pale ales that I enjoy that isn’t mainly citrusy in flavor. It also isn’t very piney. They do a great job of balancing the two main flavors of hops. It comes in at a low 36 IBU and a moderate 5.75% ABV.
  • It was pretty weird that Curtis Axel was the baby face to take on Titus O’Neil to start the evening for Main Event. Not that I ever expect anyone high profile but they normally have a baby face that the crowd enjoys but doesn’t have a good story line going on during Raw. Axel did get cheered but he’s not as over as other wrestlers they’ve sent out the chute first in other live events.
  • As noted on Facebook, a child who was likely 11-13 said about Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari that they were “It’s a bunch of those midgets wrestling.” That was her explaining who they were to her father. He ended up enjoying the work rate but it shows they still have work to do with the Cruiser Weights. Dorado & Metalik took on Nese & Daivari in another Main Event match. Message me if you want spoilers. I expect no messages.
  • Speaking of the family in front of me, it was cracking me up how many families knew each other simply by coming to WWE events. The father mentioned above talked to three other fathers in our section. They didn’t plan on sitting together but it ended up happening. Each of them had at least two children. Repeat customers are a good thing for any business.
  • I was fully amused that in my preview article that I had forgotten to include Bray Wyatt in the Arrivals category. He only appeared on the Titantron and is still feuding with Randy Orton who remains on Smackdown Live so I was kind of right.
  • I can’t get through this review without mentioning the ring implosion to end the show. Very cool to see that in person. I didn’t notice anything out of the normal as they worked on the ring, which is about all one has to do when you attend an event alone. That and use social media more. I didn’t bother trying to film it since the WWE takes that type of video down all the time. They also had it posted bright and early this morning so it would have just taken up memory on my phone.
  • Very good crowd tonight. The best since Money In The Bank which was held at Nationwide Arena and not The Schottenstein Center as last night’s Raw was. As usual, the upper deck wasn’t open behind the hard camera side but the side opposite of it was packed.
  • More to come tonight after Smackdown Live during Stunt Granny Audio 404.
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