Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 93 – The Modell Law, Sweating Blood, Russian Popeye and Pacemakers,

Pic shows: Kirill Tereshin.

Ken & Kevin are back and ready to talk some more about the #SaveTheCrew movement and how the Modell Law may impact the possible relocation of the Columbus Crew. Is Mike DeWine just blowing smoke? What exactly is the Modell Law? The guys move on to their “News of the Weird” segments by talking about people who sweat blood. How many people have this problem? How long has this phenomenon been noted in history? The gentlemen move along to the picture above, Russian Kirill Tereshin who is shooting himself with synthol. Why is he doing this to himself? How large are his biceps? How much larger does he plan to go? What have doctors warned him will happen if he continues to do this to himself? Ken & Kevin wrap up by talking about the recent problem of pace makers blowing up in funeral home kilns. Why have the advances in technology made the problem worse? What can funeral homes do to curb this problem? Should more grieving families have to report these devices before going to the funeral home?

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