Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 110 – Stand Your Ground, Planet Fitness, Name Changing and Triplets

Saved from YouTube.

Ken & Kevin tackle a tough topic on this episode of OHPA by talking about the recent shooting of Markeis McGlockton in the parking lot of a convenience store. What is the difference between a “Stand Your Ground” Law and “Castle”Doctrine? Don’t you have to be looking for a reason to kill someone if you’re carrying around a gun? Why is the shooter getting away with this when the victim appears to be backing off after the incident in question? Should Florida just bring back dueling? They guys move on to the much lighter topic of a gentleman exercising in the nude at Planet Fitness because “it’s a judgement free zone.” Do you get crazier than this guy? Do your hosts feel bad for him if he indeed needs mental help? Marriages recently have started to have the female keep her maiden name or households have hyphenated but why don’t more men take on their wife’s name? Why does one gentleman in this article have a very valid reason for switching his last name? Which societies in the past have had the man take the wife’s name? What is the case for your hosts’ wives? They end by talking about twins (or is it triplets?) that all have different last names too. How did this happen and why was it allowed? How long have they been tracking this study? How did one set of triplets find out they were indeed triplets? What would happen if one of us had a long lost twin sibling? What Bell Time Beer would they be drinking? We’re not sure but we can tell you what we drank to end the show. Enjoy!

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