Stunt Granny Audio 492 – WWE Royal Rumble Preview

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris & Kevin are here to talk about WWE wrestling as normal. Smackdown Live was the easy starting point as usual. How good was yet another Andrade vs Rey Mysterio match? How well does Samoa Joe play the villain? How out of nowhere was Randy Orton‘s RKO? Are the names on Raw more likely to win the Men’s Royal Rumble? Are Charlotte & Becky Lynch the most likely winners for the Women’s Royal Rumble? How can Asuka win and not hurt Lynch heading into a possible match up with Ronda Rousey? Hasn’t her feud with Sasha Banks done more for Banks than the past year of TV? Hasn’t it even helped Bayley‘s personality? Is Alexa Bliss the most likely winner from the Raw women? Will Shane McMahon & The Miz win the tag team titles after what happened to them at the hands of The Bar? Is Kevin misreading where Heavy Machinery will be brand wise? Will Finn Balor be able to claim to be David if he ends up losing to the Goliath in this situation, Brock Lesnar? Was Vince McMahon a good foil for the AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan back and forth? What else do the guys talk about? Click on the link to find out.

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