Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 11 Nov. ’19

The Urbis Building in Manchester UK. Designed by Ian Simpson. Picture from

Becky Lynch comes out and says that she’s ready for all who come at her belt. She’s still hungry. But for now, she’s ready to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Charlotte Flair. She then comes out. The Kabuki Warriors come out next. Asuka squares off against Lynch to start the match. Kairi Sane comes in and gets to mostly take offense from Charlotte & Lynch. Asuka tags back in but starts to get beat up herself. Shayna Bazler shows up to get some extra spice at ring side.

After the commercial, Bazler is still just observing from ring side. Asuka has gained the upper hand though. It’s pretty strange to see Charlotte taking this much offense. Asuka gets a two count after a crucifix bomb. Asuka works over Charlotte with a few transitions between submission holds. Sane comes in and loses momentum quickly. Flair Downward Spiral’s Sane into the turn buckles. That allows Charlotte to tag. Lynch works over the Kabuki Warriors. Bazler gets on the apron just as Lynch looks to finish Asuka. Bayley comes out and attacks Bazler. Bayley ends up getting flattened by Bazler. Asuka rolls up Lynch for the win. After the match, Lynch starts jawwing at Bazler who is slowly backing away through the crowd. Bayley blind sides Lynch and leaves her laying.

Ricochet and Randy Orton are talking for…reasons? Oh, it’s a bigger picture thing. He’s defending Humberto Carrillo. The OC is making fun of Carrillo & Ricochet too. AJ Styles challenges Ricochet & Carrillo to a six man match. Orton decides to join Ricochet & Carrillo.

Drew McIntyre takes on Sin Cara. This match has little interest to me.Re-establishing McIntyre match. A good one. But another one none the less. Sin Cara goes for a huricanrana from inside to outside. McIntyre catches him and power bombs him on the outside. Claymore for the win.

Rowan was talking to someone through chicken wire.

R Truth is taking on both Sumir & Sunil Singh for the 24/7 Championship. Sunil gets cuaght with the Lie DEtector. Fortunately Sunil rolls to the outside. They end up running to the back stage area. They lose Truth but come into Rowan’s locker room. He destroys them with a sofa. R Truth comes along and turns off the lights. The Singh brothers are trapped with Rowan.

Seth Rollins comes out to head the Survivor Series team for Raw. It’s Monday Night Rollins. He is ready to finish the war that NXT started. Rollins challenges anyone from the UK to challenge him. Imperium answers the challenge. Walter challenges him to a match. Rollins accepts.

Walter gets to work over Rollins early in the match. Rollins catches Walter going for a clubbing blow. Rollins uses his speed and stick and move. Imperium comes in and causes a DQ. The Street Profits come out and help. They’re still outnumbered. Kevin Owens joins the fray to even the odds. It’s really weird to see Alexander Wolfe in tights. Marcel Barthel gets to keep beating down Rollins. Fabian Eichner gets a near fall on Rollins. The beat down continued until Owens gets the hot tag. He cleans house. They all brawl. Barthel eats a Stunner. Rollins rolls through on Wolfe. Stomp for the win.

Cedric Alexander is taking on Andrade with Zelina Vega as usual. Alexander goes for a spring board kick and gets drop kicked instead. A chop turns thing back aroiund for Alexander. He connects with a spinning back elbow. Alexander connects on a suicide dive. A Flatliner gets a two count. Vega distracts Alexander. Spinning Back elbow by Andrade too. Hammer Lock DDT for the Andrade win.

Aleister Black is ready to tell us some secrets about a man who is well known. Black seems to have someone specific in mind that should pick a fight with him.

Lana comes out after she is shown arguing back stage with Bobby Lashley. We get an extended promo that leads to Lana telling us that she’s 9 weeks pregnant. Since she had her sex-iversary with Lashley was 7 weeks ago, it’s Rusev’s child. Rusev comes out and tries to understand the situation. She ends up attacking Rusev. Lashley comes out and flattens Rusev. Lana says on the way to the back that she faked the pregnancy to get Rusev out there.

Rowan puts his cage on the announcer’s table. Rowan is taking on someone. Iron Claw Choke Style Slam for the win. Glad that was short and sweet. Rowan doesn’t reveal what is in the cage.

The Viking Raiders are taking on Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster. The UK crew uses speed to get the upper hand early. Webster gets a near fall after a swanton. The Viking Raiders turn things around quickly though. Andrews & Webster turn into bump machines. Viking Experience for a fairly quick win.

Ricochet talks to Randy Orton again. Orton tells Ricochet not to worry about Orton turning on him.

Their match with Carrillo taking on the OC is the main event. Dissension in between Ricochet & Orton headlines the first leg of the match. Ricochet is in control after the break. He has to take the beating from the OC after though. Ricochet finally tags in Carrillo. He comes up empty on a moonsault. Carrillo rolls to the corner so that Orton can tag in. He cleans house. Anderson starts the parade of hits from all the participants. Carrillo wipes out Gallows and Anderson. Hanging DDT on Styles by Orton. He looks like he would RKO Ricochet but gets a recovering Styles. Orton tags in Carrillo. Moosault for the finish and win. These UK shows always suck. As usual, I feel bad for the fans there who keep going to these.

Kevin DiFrango

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