Stunt Granny Audio 773 – Wrestlemania in Philly, More Vince McMahon and Ricky Starks

In a moment of serendipity, Shahid joins Kevin to talk about Wrestlemania coming to Philadelphia. They discuss the criteria for going to a Wrestlemania in a Northeastern city. With another Stunt Granny meet up on the horizon, your hosts talk about the unavoidable topic this week, Vince McMahon‘s retirement. Because that is the main topic, they bounce all around the WWE reviewing it. Since Theory got roasted by Roman Reigns, they talk about the subtle shifts that already started in the WWE product. Kevin & Shahid covered not just how the main roster will be affected but how will NXT 2.0 change. To close the show, your hosts talk about AEW Dynamite. Ricky Starks cut a great promo so they start with him and end talking about Hook leaning into his unique look.

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