Stunt Granny Audio 776 – Field of Dreams, Blood and WWE Changes

As usual, Jeremy & Kevin start the show talking about something other than wrestling. Because Jeremy was watching the Field of Dreams game, your hosts laughed about how commercialized the game was. Since it is a wrestling podcast, they did pivot to talk about men in spandex. Jon Moxley may not wear spandex, but he was their first topic. Your hosts debate how much one man can bleed before it gets to be too much. Because Brody King bled in the first match, Jeremy & Kevin talked about the general bleeding problem in AEW. They also talked about other strange booking decisions around AEW’s many championships. With HHH taking over WWE creative, your hosts discuss how long it will actually take for him to fully implement his vision. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin discuss who could be called up from NXT 2.0.

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