Stunt Granny Audio 925 – Vince McMahon, WM XL Press Conference and Top 10 Lists

Because Eric had some David Letterman-esque Top 10s in his brain, Kevin invited him onto the podcast. Your hosts kicked off the show talking wrestling though. Of all places, they talked about Scott D’Amore being fired from TNA. Since Vince McMahon‘s news is still lingering, Eric put his thoughts out on the subject. With the Wrestlemania XL press conference happening before the podcast, Eric & Kevin talked about it. Your hosts talk about how Cody Rhodes gets to “Finish his story.” Because The Rock was on the Pat McAfee show earlier in the day, they talk about Cody’s Crybabies too. Even though Eric is out on wrestling, he recognizes how hot WWE is at this moment. To close the show, Kevin got Eric’s thoughts on Mercedes Mone going to AEW.

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