Christian Cage Missing!


Yep, you read that right; Christian Cage is missing from TNA’s superstar page. I can’t take credit for this of course since I discovered it over at If it hasn’t become clear by now to everyone that Christian is gone from TNA and WWE bound, well, I am at a loss for words to comment on your stupidity. There is no chance TNA is clever enough to play around with this and actually play with its fans and turn it into a giant angle. Instead we can all anticipate a Christian appearance, hopefully, at The Royal Rumble interfering in Jeff Hardy’s championship match. -Jeremy

Um, Yeah, He May Be A Free Agent Soon.

High pay and low stress. I'll drink to that.

High pay and low stress. I'll drink to that.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of, Christian Cage‘s contract with TNA is set to expire at the end of the year. This was big news back when Christian was somebody in TNA and not in the exact same position he was when he left WWE. When was the last time anyone said or wrote, “Boy, I am looking forward to Christian’s match against ______?” it hasn’t happened in over a year. Curiously enough, Christian will continue to be pushed as is since he is so muddled in the grand scheme no one will notice. It’s a shame really since he came in with a lot of potential and had a good run as champion. TNA never found a way to keep him near the top though, even if he didn’t lose a match in over a year at one point. Christian never seemed important after he lost the NWA/TNA title. -Jeremy


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