Dave Doesn’t Mince His Words

Who Has Two Thumbs and Has An Opinion or Three? This Guy.

Who Has Two Thumbs and An Opinion or Three? This Guy!

Over at SLAM! Sports, Batista voiced his displeasure with how one of the last remaining “dream” matchs WWE has remaining has been built up. How can you disagree with him? This should have been built up for months and actually take place at WrestleMania 25. This should go to show that Batista does understand about about the business. This is going to get him a significantly lower pay check than if they had drawn this out and placed this, with possible title ramifications, high on a WrestleMania card. He also goes on to discuss the recent WWE releases and has some rather harsh words for Mike Adamle. Boy, can you figure out how he gained that rep for being an arrogant prick? Not saying he is wrong but it does make it easier to see. -Jeremy

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