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Do You Want Fries With That or Not Mother F****r?

Do You Want Fries With That or Not Mother F****r?

Far be it for StuntGranny to kick a man when he’s down but when said man is asking for it, well, we must act. Shannon Moore posted an update through his MySpace page on his life after WWE. He talks about his tattoo shop and the fact he is on a little seen show called “The Hardy Show” that Matt and Jeff Hardy produced with some appearances by Shannon. Now, I get accused of writing poorly and not proofreading but this post is ridiculous. Was Shannon outside of The “Tropic Thunder” premiere protesting last night? Did he actually write that blog or was it a younger sibling below the age of five?

The action in the ring will still be there. GasChamber Ink has been on a rapid growth in the last year and a half and I have not been able to sling ink because I have been so busy on the road sense doors opened. That’s one thing that I will be working on is Tattooing. So all of you wondering if you could get tattooed by me, now will be your chance. Check out my Tattoo Studio at Another project called the Hardy Show that Myself, Matt, and Jeff started when we were away from WWE the last time will kick back into full force. It was much recognized by people and I am going to do a lot of cool stuff to promote it sense I will have no limitations on what I can do for the Hardy Show. If you have not got to take a look at the Hardy Show yet I ask you to please check it out at I have feelers in other areas of entertainment that I’m wanting to do but don’t have no feedback to update you all with, but as soon as the info is in I will let you all know what is going on.

On a side note, thanks to’s Jason Powell for covering this heart-wrenching story. It’s good to know someone doesn’t feel dirty perusing MySpace for chic….er.. the latest blogs by unemployed wrestlers. It’s a dirty job but, ah, you get the point.-Jeremy

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